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Recent content by Scotty01292

  1. Scotty01292

    54* & 58* wedge setup

    Had 51, 56, 60 in the bag until recently, and my short game was disastrous. Three wedges all quite close together in loft was just giving me too many options & causing too much indecision for so many shots round the greens, resulting in me not committing to the shot cause by the time i'm...
  2. Scotty01292

    TV coverage UK Vs US

    Yeah I agree, but I didn't realise there were other groups on the course other that Tigers group and Watsons group.
  3. Scotty01292

    The Open coffee cup challenge

    Posting for The Open Championship - to you this may be the British, but it is THE Open, and your open is the US Open. FACT
  4. Scotty01292

    The Open coffee cup challenge

    Rory McIlroy Martin Kaymer Anthony Kim Retief Goosen 5 As much as I want to go for Matteo Manassero, nah... Just throwing it out that I think he'll do well, so remember this post when he wins...
  5. Scotty01292

    US Open coffee cup challenge

    Geoff Ogilvy Rory McIlroy 2 Padraig Harrington Paul Casey
  6. Scotty01292

    My home course is short but tough.

    If you play my home course on a calm day (pretty rare), it's quite easy as long as you keep it in the fairway. A few short par 4's and only 6000 yards, Par 69. But seriously, try playing it in a 25/30 mph wind. An amateur comp was played over it and another local course (longer at 6700 yards...
  7. Scotty01292

    Driver with the tallest face?

  8. Scotty01292

    There have to be some guys cussing

    Harrington today: 1st - 4. 2nd - 9 :dead:
  9. Scotty01292

    the 2009 Masters coffee cup challenge

    Phil Mickelson 6 Geoff Ogilvy Rory McIlroy Padraig Harrington
  10. Scotty01292

    Mother Nature

    That's a major shame. I played 27 in shorts today :D
  11. Scotty01292

    Really high wind golf

    Played a medal last year which was soooo windy, that the flags were like almost bent over touching the greens, and found out on the weather forecast that evening that it had been like 50 mph winds and up to 90 mph gusts (My course is right on the sea so we get strong winds all the time)... Won...
  12. Scotty01292

    I don't care how old you are...

    You're allowed to fix pitchmarks but not spike marks, no? On the green anyway... :confused:
  13. Scotty01292

    Sharply Cut Bunker Lips

    Play a course with massive pot bunkers week in week out, so i'm used to it. What I hate is really flat bunkers with no lip.... Should be easy, but can't seem to play them properly...
  14. Scotty01292

    What does it mean?

    Cause my name's Frank and my area code on my phone number's 01292
  15. Scotty01292

    Can't get any better, Part 2

    About 6 months ago, I was hitting balls in spain, when the pro walked past and asks 'What's your handicap?' It was 12 and he goes ' What? Your short game must be crap!'... It was, which was right, and he said I should have been off about 3 lol... I practiced my short game so much over the...