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Recent content by shankexpert

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    Car Question

    any love for the two-door Forte Koup? what do you think, starting from $16,595?
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    Car Question

    doing some work with Kia for the Forte - you guys seen it? what do you think?
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    if only the caps had put the pens out of their misery...
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    what do you guys think of kia's new car, the soul? more pics here. do you like what kia's been doing lately?
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    anyone buy a grill lately?

    Thanks for the suggestion - I will definitely try that out!
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    The Confession Thread.

    :D Hail Arnies - I'll have to remember that one.
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    PDA: ATnT Tilt, anyone?

    I dislike it. My experience is limited to the T-Mobile MDA and the AT&T Moto Q9h. Both are Windows Mobile smart phones and they couldn't get out of their own way in terms of web browsing. I actually preferred the WM5-based MDA over the highly regarded WM6-based Moto Q, but they both were...
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    anyone buy a grill lately?

    Barbeques Galore - Capt'n Cook Bought an earlier version of this grill a couple of years ago. It has performed well until recently when the strength of the flames on two of the burners has decreased considerably. I'm thinking some junk got into the fuel lines and they need to be flushed out...
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    Redskins in the Playoffs!

    With the exception of the Bears game, the Packers have been playing very well down the stretch. You may be right - it'll be a great game though.
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    Redskins in the Playoffs!

    True - but the first half was more or less Dallas' starters, even if they were taking it easy to avoid injury. The skins defense has really stepped up too. As long as we don't turn the ball over, the Skins could win a couple of playoff games this year easily.
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    How do I aquire an official handicap?

    Makes sense - unless you are entering a tournament that requires verification of your handicap, it shouldn't be publicly available.
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    Digital camera ?

    For the price its a great lens - probably get the most use out of it. My only gripe about Canon is that you definitely pay for the better stuff.
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    Anybody ever watch Barrett-Jackson on Speedvision? I'm making the most of my day off by sitting on the couch watching last year's auction. :laugh: The big one is coming in a couple of weeks - I just hope that my DVR can hold that many hours of footage. It's always a blast to see the old...
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    Digital camera ?

    I'm totally an amateur, but my bag is as follows: Canon EFS 18-55mm Macro Sigma 70-300mm Canon 24-85mm 420ex Speedlite handful of filters I've had the opportunity to use a 16-35mm and would love that lens, but it would cost more than my entire bag. :laugh: None are really worthy of being...
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    Congrats Pats!!

    Patriots had a great season, but their offense is boring. I guess it's because I'm an NFC East and ACC fan - but it reminds me too much of an SEC offense. I'm just waiting for them to start running the option and the SEC offense will be complete.