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Recent content by Stanters

  1. Stanters

    Putter Wish List

    I am a nightmare.....laMont made me a Sunset Beach Surfside in Oil Rubbed Bronze which is my usual gamer. It's superbly made and it feels lovely as you'd expect. I also snagged a Piretti Potenza - but the 360g head didn't agree with me. However it's gorgeous looking and has a great feel too...
  2. Stanters

    World Cup in China - who will win?

    I like Sweden and France (Bourdy & Jacquelin) betting wise. 12/1 for the nordic pair and 33/1 for our garlic loving chums across the waves. I have a lot of time for Noren, seems like a good guy and has a "reasonable" swing and the French guys are both capable of going low in these formats.
  3. Stanters

    Someone has to say it...

    We left that to the colonies due to political reasons, having learnt from our Imperial errors of the past.
  4. Stanters

    Feel Golf Wedges

    I guess if you had a heavy cold and wanted to groove your swing at the same time you could use it to lob decongestants up your nostrils. I'm waiting for the 94* for all those internet long hitters, so that they can back it up a bit to make their playing partners feel less inadequate. As for...
  5. Stanters

    He's from Vermont!!!

    I think anyone who can recover like he did has what it takes, tremendous fortitude at 16 and 17. Not to mention having had a shocker just a few days earlier on the Sunday. i see he plays a Miyazaki shaft....certainly goes a long, long way in the right hands.
  6. Stanters

    Tiger at the PGA

    He's been changing his swing to find a way of relieving the pressure on his left knee. Until it works he has little choice but to continue his search. The one who has me scratching my head is Harrington...why oh why Paddy? Harmon was saying last night that there was no way he and Tiger are...
  7. Stanters

    Iron Opinions Needed

    How about Nakashima? I hit some at a fitting session and they are very good irons - you can get them with the Nippons and a some custom options here Nakashima NP2 Forged Irons, Nakashima Irons Mizuno MPs....well you can mix them up suit you, 4-5 irons perhaps a little more forgiving and 6-PW...
  8. Stanters

    Darren Clarke - LEGEND

    Well if you have to ask.....maybe I'll take up fishing :emot-angel: Knowledge wasn't the best choice of word - appreciation would have been better. Sorry if the nasty leaderboard didn't throw up all your ickle favourites at the top, I'll write a letter to the R&A immediately expressing...
  9. Stanters

    Darren Clarke - LEGEND

    If you found it boring then your understanding of golf is extremely limited. IG is in the minority now, not many NIers left without a Major under their belt. What a run they are having and all nice guys with plenty of charm and charm isn't handed out that generously.
  10. Stanters

    Hdcp Question

    I'd stick to counting every shot if I were you. Not counting fluffs et all just makes whatever score you write down meaningless, you may as well write down 18 and stay at home. Your driver and 3w shafts seem fairly compatible, other than a fairly big weight difference. Maybe it's the heavier...
  11. Stanters

    Tiger withdraws from the British Open

    Well perhaps if people stopped incorrectly referring to it as the British Open then the confusion would disappear. Just a thought. As I tried to demonstrate earlier it's not terribly complex, even for the less gifted among us. Arrogance is changing the name of something because it's suits your...
  12. Stanters

    Tiger withdraws from the British Open

    The Scottish Open starts today (or Northern British Open if you prefer) at the new Castle Stuart links. Don't know how much is shown across the pond but it's a tidy course and worth a peek if you get the chance. Good idea to have it at a links venue, however beautiful Loch Lomond is, I'm sure...
  13. Stanters

    Tiger withdraws from the British Open

    It's not a question of being offended, just being correct. It's simply the name of the tournament. As for differentiating let's take a look at this "spot the difference" style competition. A. The Open B. The US Open Shouldn't be too tricky, even for a Republican. As for Westwood, we don't...
  14. Stanters

    NEW Shaft Concept - Input requested

    Well a 10% increase in distance is going to make people sit up and take notice and they will want to try it out for sure. No worries on that front. How to solve the fragility issue is another matter. The obvious thing would seem to be going the R9/910 route so that clamps, vices etc are not...