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TEA Time
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  • No need to send email address. I found a way around it. You should receive the order around March 22nd. When I get a tracking number I will give it to you. Take care. George (sssmokin)
    Hi TeaTime. Hey, I'm going to order 4 more of the Shot Talk coffee mugs for majors (coffee cup challenge) this year. I have your mailing address from the last time, but I want them shipped directly to you and they won't proceed without your phone number on the shipping. Can you email me your phone number so I can order them? Thanks. My treat.
    Hi TEA Time. Just need you to pull a member classified I recently put in........."Ogio silencer cart bag". I sold it locally. Thanks, sssmokin
    The coffee mugs have been shipped (April 25th). By FedEx tracking # is 602743317840. See lovely pic in Masters post. Supposed to be delivered there on May 1st.
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