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Recent content by titleistman66

  1. titleistman66

    DMV Golfers

    DC Maryland Virginia area
  2. titleistman66

    DMV Golfers

    Anyone in the DMV want to get a little group going? I need more people to play with. Maybe try to organize a tourney or two.
  3. titleistman66

    Ready to play...

    Some of you guys seem familiar - anyone from golf rewind? Anyways I got out last Sunday for the second time this year, shot a 40 and called it quits when my fingers started going numb. Picked up a used 909D2 from galaxy a few weeks ago with a V2 in it, that was fun to hit.
  4. titleistman66

    The golf bug

    I've been putting lots of time in at the gym to avoid getting hurt when I start practicing again!
  5. titleistman66

    McIlroy Baby!!!!!

    One of my co-workers was standing behind him in line at the movie theater, and talked with him briefly. Pretty cool.
  6. titleistman66

    A new practice concept.

    Why let past shots damage your emotions and your attitude, especially on the course, when the shots in front of you are the ones that really matter? All of this talk of improving certain aspects of your game is what will make you build trust within yourself. You will not be able to use that...
  7. titleistman66

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot a weird 9 holes today. Didn't finish the 9th hole was kinda ticked off, but I was 1 over through 3, then holed out for eagle on 4, then went bogey, double, double, bogey, dnf. So i probably woulda ended up like 8 or 9 over, with an eagle ><
  8. titleistman66

    Osama is dead.

    Hot damn.
  9. titleistman66

    18 footer, FTW!

    From my point of view, so long as the trash is understood as being "in good fun" I throw some here and there when my buddy initiates it. Usually I'll be a hole or two up on him, then the comments are thrown, but as long as it's not taken personally it usually just adds more excitement to the...
  10. titleistman66

    Hole In One

    Very nice Blu! I had my first earlier this month =)
  11. titleistman66


    So me and a coworker played some nassau today. It was my first time, I was a little nervous. Didn't know what he meant by "press" or any of that, but apparently I caught on well. He's a much better player than me, and I got 7 strokes overall, 3 on the front 4 on the back. I won the front nine 3...
  12. titleistman66

    Hole In One

    Well playing 5 times a week at a golf course that I work at, for the rest of this summer, will hopefully give me a few more chances at a second. I got the one on the toughest par 3 of the course (toughest visually, not handicap), so hopefully I'll get a good chance at another on one of the...
  13. titleistman66

    Hole In One

    How far downhill was it? =P
  14. titleistman66

    Hole In One

    I was just coming off of 3 pars and a bog, so I was pretty happy with my play at the time, and felt powerful. My 5, when I feel powerful and it's hot outside, would've easily landed on the back of the green and rolled off. The 6 was the right choice. Had I hit a draw, it would've probably landed...
  15. titleistman66

    Hole In One

    He shook on it, and he's a regular at the course, and I work there. He lives pretty close to me, and I'm sure he'll follow through. I did buy everyone a beer when I got back to the clubhouse as well! And about the gear, I'll bring my scorecard in with me tomorrow to work, and I'll make sure my...