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Recent content by VA Park Ranger

  1. VA Park Ranger

    The Day I Brought Home the Wrong Mayonnaise

    I enjoy these types of stories. Dukes rules btw
  2. VA Park Ranger

    A Good Neighbor

    grew up in Wythe, graduated Hampton high school in 1987.
  3. VA Park Ranger

    A Good Neighbor

    Nice story. I too live in rural virginia, after growing up in Hampton. We had neighbors just like bob, but unfortunately, they areally few and far between these days. Thanks for sharing. Wish you hadn't waited 11 years! Those types of neighbors are even harder to find than they were in...
  4. VA Park Ranger

    I'm either getting too old for this game or......

    Hang in there my friend, keep at it, if you gave it up, you would be miserable with all the free time on your hands. Do you walk or ride?
  5. VA Park Ranger

    Has Vijay's time come and gone?

    After careful consideration, I would have to vote yes on this quandary :D
  6. VA Park Ranger

    what did you shoot today?

    73 in a captain choice. I got paired up with 2 guys from the University. Didn't know them, nice guys but they drank way too much. One guy drank 2 pints of southern comfort, the other guy a fifth of VO. Each had 3 mixed drinks and 3 or 4 beers in addition. Needless to say, their golf was...
  7. VA Park Ranger

    What did you buy today?

    Nothing exciting, got a callaway xr 4 wood to match my set, and a Cleveland smart square mallet. Tried the putter and really like it!
  8. VA Park Ranger

    Iron set decision

    Been really busy the last few months, miss my shot talk peeps though. Will keep in touch better now
  9. VA Park Ranger

    Iron set decision

    Sweet, good price , hope you hit them well
  10. VA Park Ranger

    ShotTalk Subscription

    I got the same thing a few months ago...... big jim helped me out i think
  11. VA Park Ranger

    Feherty Question: Johnny Miller or Roger Maltbie?

    I admire him.... good guy who owns his mistakes and makes no apologies
  12. VA Park Ranger

    "Green" was already taken...........

    I thought you were from Virginia?
  13. VA Park Ranger

    Premium Balls vs. Cheapo Balls

    Those things are really good for my game. Plus, nobody else plays them. I read somewhere that they are private lable hex blacks, just repackaged for costo exclusively
  14. VA Park Ranger

    New member...Locust Grove VA

    Hit me up,,, I'll meet you there. Weekends are bad for me this time of year
  15. VA Park Ranger

    Premium Balls vs. Cheapo Balls

    I get callaway hex controls from costco. 25.00 for 24 balls. Im not good enough to really notice any difference, but they seem to be long, controllable and have good bite