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Recent content by warbirdlover

  1. warbirdlover

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    It's a shame one of those teams had to lose that game. Two most amazing QB's on the planet. And I used to think Rodgers was good.
  2. warbirdlover

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    I'm thinking the home team will have more going for it so my picks would be: Bengals Patriots Bucs Cowboys Chiefs Rams We should have a contest where the winner gets paypal of $5 from all the participants.
  3. warbirdlover

    How about these new drivers

    Both companies have shitty shaft options.
  4. warbirdlover

    How about these new drivers

    Yeah and the TaylorMade one too.
  5. warbirdlover

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    Washington Rednecks
  6. warbirdlover

    what did you shoot today?

    It's been cold and lot's of snow up here in the tundra. I wouldn't mind a little "global warming". :mad:
  7. warbirdlover

    What did you buy today?

    Now you have to change your signature. :)
  8. warbirdlover

    How about these new drivers

    Looks like TM is got the technology jump this year. https://www.taylormadegolf.com/stealth.html?lang=en_US https://www.callawaygolf.com/golf-clubs/drivers/
  9. warbirdlover

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    How about them Packers!
  10. warbirdlover

    Daughters first deer!

    I didn't know you were that old clark. Nice deer and pretty daughter. I haven't seen any and have been in White River Marsh all day with all the parking areas filled up and not heard a shot.
  11. warbirdlover

    Short personal note...

    glad all went well.
  12. warbirdlover

    Driver Metal Fatigue

    I've mentioned this before but this is a good point for convincing your partner in life why you need to buy a new driver every year or maybe more.. metal fatigue, weakened condition induced in metal parts of machines, vehicles, or structures by repeated stresses or loadings, ultimately...
  13. warbirdlover

    TaylorMade SIM DHY 3-hybrid iron

    That's what I did.
  14. warbirdlover

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    The Packers defense looked good. Even with the goofy special teams play if Aaron Rodgers would have been there I think the Packers would have had that game. He is going to play the next game. I never was impressed with Love.