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Recent content by Wheelerm

  1. Wheelerm

    Question for the young hipsters re '50 cent'...

    Im 15, and i like him, i dont know why, i dont like him in person he's a fat head but i dont like his music either i like the remix's with Eminem ... Patiently paiting is a good song, only the eminem but lol
  2. Wheelerm

    What's Your Poison?

    Well 15 years old, irl have a coke please, no ice =D lol
  3. Wheelerm

    My business....

    wow sounds quite good and quite snazzy, keep it up. =D
  4. Wheelerm

    Website recommendation anyone?

    I hate having to register, you get all these emails GR!
  5. Wheelerm

    The best golf tip you will ever receive bar none!

    Lol, maybe not a job, maybe some new mirrors, be careful, the wife wont take kindly to smashed things ......... Well it was nice knowing you english golfer
  6. Wheelerm


    LOL, i would not call it useless ... along the right lines but could win you something one day ... god knows what though lol
  7. Wheelerm

    how do i hit straight drives

    Get a lesson off someone who knows
  8. Wheelerm

    Great weekend.

    Hey lads, we have ran past the point if they would of been wearing leather or not
  9. Wheelerm

    What is it with old peopel and hitting it far?

    Lol i can imagine, "only just started playing the game" lol!
  10. Wheelerm

    Who is the best ladie golfer?

    I do aswell, im the damn one that said about her!, just thought wie was spelt wee, ah well never mind, it was me aswell though =(
  11. Wheelerm

    Practice time in winter

    nice, i doubt it will be dry, after all it is england
  12. Wheelerm


    LMAO nice one hehe
  13. Wheelerm

    Eddie Guerrero!

    I didnt even know he was dead .... Ah well never liked the sport anyway, steroids are the problem probably because most people do in that business
  14. Wheelerm


    Any team from any league i just thought they America's on this site would think it was American Football
  15. Wheelerm

    Who is the best ladie golfer?

    She has been signed on by Nike, really amazing player, as im sure you have guessed