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Recent content by wrx_junki

  1. wrx_junki

    Looking for Alpha driver

    Just wondering if you would sell that SQ 3 wood separately? If so, how much?
  2. wrx_junki

    FS: Mizuno TP Mills Workshop I putter

    Re: FS: Mizuno TP Mills Workshop I putter - $60 shipped Interested in the putter. Could you post a picture of the putter at address? Is there a sight dot or sight line?
  3. wrx_junki

    WTB 07 Burner TP 10.5* loft

    Have one in 9.5° if you are interested.
  4. wrx_junki

    Anyone have an ipod they want to sell?

    Have a 60gb classic in black. Was in a hard case since day 1. Make offer.
  5. wrx_junki

    quiting the game sale!

    interested in the mp-32 irons. pm me a price.
  6. wrx_junki

    wtb 3 or 5 wood

    Have an Adams Speedline 15° with a stiff flex. It's softer than most normal stiff flex so I'm sure you could play it. PM me if you are interested.
  7. wrx_junki

    wtb 10.5 degree driver head

    Have a Speedline 10.5 with a stiff axis prolaunch blue shaft. Let me know if you are interested in the whole thing or just the head. PM me.
  8. wrx_junki

    Scotty Cameron Kombi S 34", Matrix F7M2, Axivcore Red, S200's

    Any idea if the S200's will fit in my Adams Idea Pro irons?
  9. wrx_junki

    WTB- TITLEST 905 R

    Think a friend has a 905R with a V2 stiff in it that he may sell. Throw out a price and I'll ask him if he wants to sell it.
  10. wrx_junki

    Anyone want a Rife?

    Was asking because I assumed it at 35". I'd need to pay to get it shortened then prolly add some weight to it. I'll let you know tomorrow.
  11. wrx_junki

    Anyone want a Rife?

    What's the length on this putter? Any clue as to the head weight?
  12. wrx_junki

    Diamana Whiteboard

    Are you by any chance "vtgolfer" on eBay?
  13. wrx_junki

    Diamana Whiteboard

    Picutures to kijunkiM@gmail.com. Thanks.
  14. wrx_junki

    Pre Ebay clearance...

    Could you e-mail me pictures of the Diamana shaft to kijunkim@gmail.com? Also, does it have a useable grip?
  15. wrx_junki

    Huge Garage Sale; whew...

    Can you e-mail pictures of the Nike drivers? Pics of the shaft.