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Recent content by xamilo

  1. xamilo

    2017 NFL Season Thread

    Eagles won’t let him go that easy I guess. They don’t know how Wentz is going to recover or his durability, and having a backup with a SB MVP doesn’t seem that bad at all for now Broncos might end up with Cousins after Wash moved for Smith. They need a QB soon before the Defense window closes
  2. xamilo

    2017 NFL Season Thread

    It was about time a bird team didn’t score up in the last minute to lose the game
  3. xamilo

    2017 NFL Season Thread

    And the Bengals are still the Bengals. Why would they extend the Head Coach’s co tract when it’s clear they are getting nowhere? Isn’t 15 years without a playoff win enough for a team to think “maybe we need a different system/coach”?
  4. xamilo

    2017 NFL Season Thread

    Funny thing is they actually have a SB win but lack any empathy
  5. xamilo

    2017 NFL Season Thread

    That’s as tough as the best QB discussion. John Fox, Mike Shanahan, they all have enough to beat Fisher on the spot. But my personal favorite? Chip Kelly without a doubt
  6. xamilo

    2017 NFL Season Thread

    Don’t worry mate. I’ll be cheering for your guys!
  7. xamilo

    2017 NFL Season Thread

    Rings say nothing about a QB. Would Brady have won them playing for the Packers? I highly doubt it. Would Rodgers have won 5 playing for the Patriots? Most probably. It’s a team game, a coach game. A lot of things are involved. I don’t deny Brady is a superb player and would have a difficult...
  8. xamilo

    2017 NFL Season Thread

    The best QB in the league is Aaron Rodgers right now. Brady doesn’t have to retire to be second....
  9. xamilo

    Considering making a ball change.

    It’s weird the idea behind your golf ball can differ so much in a community like this, is one. It seems everyone finds a different ball to be its best. I used to play the TP Red until I ran out of them and couldn’t find them anywhere. Then I changed to the TP Tour which was cheaper. I still...
  10. xamilo

    Y'all are boring today

    Sometimes when I get patients talking about their health, I really do understand primitive instincts really are strong and help you survive much more than you would think, because there is no way some Kentuckians reach their 40s on their brains alone....
  11. xamilo

    Birthday Gift

    Actually it is when you already have yours. Most everyone would prefer a $100 voucher than a $200 range finder for example
  12. xamilo

    Need driver help

    46.5in is way too long. Have you tried using a shorter driver? Something around 44.5in? My whole driver game changed when I started using a shorter driver. Since it recoils much less it is indeed straighter every time
  13. xamilo

    Long Game vs Short Game - Golf Debate -

    A 250yd fairway driver counts as one shot. So does a one foot putt. My long game is excellent. I can easily get 80% of fairways with over 220yd every time. When you combine that with 3 approach shots and three putts every time, it still counts as +3 on every hole hehehehe. It really doesn’t...
  14. xamilo

    2017 NFL Season Thread

    I don’t get it. 6 yds on the first half? Against a team the Bears actually beat?
  15. xamilo

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Couldn’t agree more