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Apr 13, 1989 (Age: 34)
What's in your bag?
Clubs and Balls and Stuff
What's your handicap?
I average 79ish.
Home course
Shawnee Golf and CC




When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

WITB, Assuming I every actually played golf anymore....
Cleveland HiBore XLS Tour 9.5* with Diamana BlueBoard 83-S 43.75"
Cleveland HiBore XLS Tour Issue 3w 15T with SK Fiber TT100S 41.75"
Cleveland HiBore 5w Accuflex Creation 80-X.
Callaway Heavenwood 4h 23* with FST ProWhite Stiff
Precept Tour Premium Forged 5i-PW DGS300
Nike Forged Raw 53* Bent to 52* DGS400 35"
TM Rac Satin 56-12 S400 35"
Nike Forged Raw 60* DGS400 35"
Heavy Putter B3-M 33"




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