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  1. Wheelerm

    What is it with old peopel and hitting it far?

    What is it with old people and hitting it far?, First tee, par 5, about a 60 year old in front of use with a really slow swing, never the less hit it a ton!. How do they actually do that, is it down to technique? *Sorry about the spelling mistake in the title i typed to fast, meant people
  2. Wheelerm


    How can you stop your shot being faded on drives??????????? HELP PLS!!!!
  3. Wheelerm

    Ryder 06

    Has anybody seen the course they are playing the 06 Ryder Cup at?. I have and its really nice with 2 18 holes designed by Monty and someone else really good. Cant wait.
  4. Wheelerm

    Ping Iron Review

    PING I5 Green Dot CS-Lite Reg.Flex Steel(3-pw) Irons Manufacturer: PING Model: I5 Green Dot CS-Lite Reg.Flex Steel(3-pw) Category: Irons Purchase: I bought these irons from a local driving range in town. They are standard length green dot reg. flex steel cs-lite shafts 3-pw. They were...
  5. Wheelerm

    Nike Ignites?

    I was wondering last night when i was going to pay for my round, and i saw the Nike Ignite advertised. It said ... "A Robot tested 31 drivers and found out that the one that was more accurate and powerfull was the Nike Ignite" I was wondering, are they worth buying? P.S I want to see this...
  6. Wheelerm

    Lob Wedge?

    Im having a bit of a problem because i bought a Lob Wedge and can not really see to much difference of that to a Sand Wedge, apart from 4*, and you must catch a Lob Wedge sweetly otherwise it will not go where you want it to. Also, you have to be precise, because instead of rolling into the...
  7. Wheelerm


    All the current results and information on what scores they got on what holes and very nice course information :ukflag:
  8. Wheelerm

    Who deserved to win

    who do you think deserved to win the WGC-American Express Championship?
  9. Wheelerm


    does anybody on this site like football?, i mean english football not american football?