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  1. charnockpro

    Long Sabbatical

    Wow, I had the bookmark on my chrome tabs bar and actually forgot what this logo represented!, It represented my first dip into golf forums, and I didn't realise until now how much I missed some of the guys on here, I am now a proud parent of a girl aged 4 and a boy aged 3 weeks!!, I still...
  2. charnockpro

    Where's MG and dave?

    Sadly, this is one of the better forums on the internet with very little back biting and a lot of comical observations, I hope that it can rise again once more and challenge the likes of WRX etc...., It deserves a place to project it's thoughts
  3. charnockpro

    UK North West Golf Course for sale( High Legh GC)

    Just thought it would be interesting for members on here to have a look at the inner workings of the sale of a golf club, here is the prospectus. I have no attachment at all to this place, just found the figures interesting as basically you never own the land just the lease and then pay rent...
  4. charnockpro

    Where's MG and dave?

    Seems like everyone has drifted away at the same time, time used to be I would open the Pro shop, make a brew and settle down to the boiling pot that was shottalk, dont know why but it seems to have become a bit quiet on here
  5. charnockpro

    stack and tilt swing need help

    Esox, Although Charlie Wi is the poster boy for S&T at the moment, there are many elements in past great players such as Snead , Nelson, Nicklaus, Palmer, Hogan that the guys teach and agree with, mainly staying centred, There are a lot of good things that the guys teach, just it is not for...
  6. charnockpro

    US Open final Qualifying scores

    http://usga.usopen.com/2010/qualifying/sectional-results.html?nid=3 Some amazing players to miss out and some former champs!!, Rocco didn't get in either!!
  7. charnockpro

    Tiger lovers

    For someone with the $$$ that is a great talking point buy, Is there going to be a bid though?
  8. charnockpro

    Going to the Ryder Cup!!! Get In

    Just got a message from my mate telling me our application for tickets has been a success!!!, last day tickets as well!!!!!, get in there! £130!, but who cares!!
  9. charnockpro

    Video of My Swing

    Your top of the backswing position is a product of an underplane and inside takeaway, the two re routes you will find is to drop back under again and hook it, or come down steeper than your backswing and get trapped at impact, I think if you concentrate on getting the club from going behind you...
  10. charnockpro

    Being John Daly and The Haney Project on YouTube

    Found this great channel on YouTube, seems to be PVR'ing it and uploading, due to living in the UK we don't get The Golf Channel anymore so this is a massive bonus YouTube - finallyko's Channel
  11. charnockpro

    New TV Golf Comedy on Spike TV-INTERESTING NAME OF THE CADDY!!

    Ex-Smallville star John Schneider has reportedly been cast in a new pilot for Spike TV. The cable network has greenlit Back Nine, a sports comedy featuring Schneider as a hard-drinking former golfing champ, says The Hollywood Reporter. The character travels the country competing in golf...
  12. charnockpro

    Some Great Slo Mo swinga

  13. charnockpro

    Tiger Woods/Doug Barron question

    I was thinking the other day, Doug Barron got banned for high levels of testosterone in his blood, If they had tested Tiger do you think with his "addiction" they would have found high levels in his system too??
  14. charnockpro

    Reading a great book "Hillsborough Golf Club Definitely Not Par for the Course "

    Hillsborough Golf Club Definitely Not Par for the Course: Amazon.co.uk: Roger Baker: Books This book is a great read, and if you have ever dealt with a golf club committee before then you will recognise some of these characters in your own place!! here are some stories linked in: Toxic...
  15. charnockpro

    Tiger Woods car crash?

    Sod Letterman, Leno, Oprah, lets get Jerry Springer, Geraldo or Judge Judy on the case!!, or in the UK let's get Jeremy Kyle or Trisha!!
  16. charnockpro

    Next ETW sponsor bails

    Tiger juice has a waaaaaaaaaaaaay different meaning now!!
  17. charnockpro

    Tiger Woods car crash?

    Got to give him his due, so far there isn't any claims for a bambino......... yet!!, Is this the next carefully constructed PR stage?, I think it's pretty much a given this is going to end in divorce now, Tiger Woods 2011 will have these women's faces as range targets in the fun games...
  18. charnockpro

    Tiger Woods car crash?

    Had to laugh at Stricker saying it knocked the stuffing out of him!!, grow up dude, Parnevik seized the chances to raise profile as well, whereas Todd Hamilton was diplomatic
  19. charnockpro

    Tiger Woods car crash?

    So, Tiger pulls out!!, bet he wishes he had pulled out of Rachel Uchitel as well!!! As the old saying goes, Not much comes from wives who chase cars or pro's that putt for pars!!
  20. charnockpro

    Q & A with The Bodybuilding Golf Pro - Michael Manavian

    I am impressed with Michaels opinions too, the self promotion quote meant that he was talking about his theory, that's all, which to gain any business you have to do to get it across, it was not a catty remark or critique. He is entitled to his opinion, as am I, all I was saying was that he...