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  1. ThatCanadianGuy

    Been a while

    Some familiar names still kicking around here. Nice to see. - Golfaholic (RIP GolfReview)
  2. ThatCanadianGuy

    Ping G25 Driver

    I don't even remember when I bought my Ping i20. No matter what brand or model I pick up on eBay, they never knock the i20 out of my bag. I've got a G30 too, but don't like the look as much.
  3. ThatCanadianGuy

    Club Fittings Question

    I was going to say Golf Tec, but it looks like the only Canadian location is Ottawa.
  4. ThatCanadianGuy

    Srixon Z Star

    I played the Z star for the last two seasons. I haven't found a ball I like more. The feel off a driver is fantastic, and yet it's perfect around the green for my game ( 1 handicap ). Durability is great, so you don't have to worry about that. I highly recommend trying this ball. I'd spend an...
  5. ThatCanadianGuy

    Okay, if we're ranting, it's my turn!!

    Not your fault. There isn't room for twosomes on a busy golf course durring peak playing hours. I'd have told the two behind you to join the two behind them.
  6. ThatCanadianGuy

    3rd freakin year in a row!!!!

    Why don't you just move the ****ing shop?
  7. ThatCanadianGuy

    What would you do with this driver?

    I'd either give it to a friend who could use a new driver, or a young junior player, who's parents can't afford to buy their son/daughter a nice driver.
  8. ThatCanadianGuy

    Canadians look here please

    Can you snap the blade out, or do you have to use your fingers? If it opens with the flick of the wrist, it's considered a prohibited weapon, and illegal to own/carry in Canada. Pocket knives are fine as they don't fall into any of the categories that make a knife prohibited, except sometimes...
  9. ThatCanadianGuy

    What's REALLY in your bag? A new, revealing thread!

    About 8 Golf Balls - Z-Star Handfull of white wood tees 2 Divot tools- US open with magnetic ball marker, and one from the Blue Monster Wilson Rain Gloves Regular Wilson Gloves Club cover for the Rain Umbrella Loose Change tin Roll on Sun block Odyssey Poker chip ball marker Regular Poker chip...
  10. ThatCanadianGuy

    Penta TP ball

    I'm really liking the Srixon Z-Star right now. Can any of the Penta fans make a comparison?
  11. ThatCanadianGuy

    Video of my swing - Number 2!

    Fix that OTT move and you'll be set. It's really not that hard to do, you just have to think about it, and practice a little. It will come, just wait for it.
  12. ThatCanadianGuy

    So, here I sit.....

    30º? It was 1º this morning when I did my 7 KM run.
  13. ThatCanadianGuy


    Haven't been around here much lately so I have no idea WTF is going on. Hope everything turns around for both of you!
  14. ThatCanadianGuy

    Callaway Customer Service

    EXACT same thing happened to me about a month ago. I got them to put a new FT-5 Head on my existing shaft though.
  15. ThatCanadianGuy

    Don't Do It!!

    Use Firefox.
  16. ThatCanadianGuy

    Need a little advice...

    Law Enforcement.
  17. ThatCanadianGuy

    Windows 7

    Vista works like a charm for me. Then again I treat her well and I have a good gaming rig.
  18. ThatCanadianGuy

    can't find these grips

    A friend of mine got an orange Ping one at GolfTown (Canada).
  19. ThatCanadianGuy

    I need to hit the gym

    I cracked the head on my FT-5 2 weeks ago. Called our shops Callaway rep and sent it back. I asked them to just replace the head. So, that's what they did. Same shaft, new head, and actually a new GP MC grip too. (However I just replaced the one on it the week before.) Great CS. I'm sure they...
  20. ThatCanadianGuy

    Video of Me and My Other Sport

    How many shots did you miss in that video? 3? Impressive. Looked like the only one that could really play with you was the first match you wore the blue shirt. Cool vid.