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  1. bdcrowe

    Anyone remember the Shot Talk Online Golf League?

    The wife brought some boxes out of storage and the CD with the web-app code was in it. I'd forgotten all about that. lol I seem to remember it was US vs the Euros...?
  2. bdcrowe

    Hollow body irons...?

    Anyone been playing hollow irons for a while? Care to comment on your experience? What pros and cons have you experienced? I just put a set of the Dynacraft Prophet Muscle Blades together--PW-7--on Matrix Ozik Program F15 80 gram graphite shafts. Also put together a couple of Integra i-Drive...
  3. bdcrowe

    Pause at the top...

    So, I may have made a breakthrough with my swing as I try to get back into golf after a decade of almost no golf, as well as the recovery from my leg injury last year. I've been struggling with inconsistency as well as a real lack of power. I thought I'd made some headway with the stack and...
  4. bdcrowe

    Golf Porn III

    TM releases the new blades they co-created with/for Tiger. Beautiful clubs.
  5. bdcrowe


    Anyone know anything about the United States Golf Teachers Federation? I have no idea what to think about this group.
  6. bdcrowe

    For those college football fans out there...

    "This Saturday" happened to be a riot on-field between the University of Miami and FIU (their opponents) that had to be broken up by police. Oh, the irony...
  7. bdcrowe

    Best round ever yesterday.

    Shot a 75. Even par after nine. The hell of it is that I never got a par until hole 8. Started bogie, birdie, bogie, birdie, birdie, dbl bogie, birdie, par, par for front nine. Back nine was bogie, bogie, dblbogie, and parred out. Hot and cold, lol... PS, massive POQ on the US team posted...
  8. bdcrowe

    All you techie junkies... (Free stuff!)

    OK... and you techie-deficients out there who want to play on the web... Microsoft has a new web-host platform out there for html-web-challenged individuals who want a web presence. It is marketed mainly for businesses who want on the web but don't want to pay $$$ for a programmer (bad for...
  9. bdcrowe

    Good day...

    After some revisiting to my grip, and temporarily vanquishing my old friend the smother-hook, I went out today for 18 holes with my son. I carded a solid 77 to get below 80. The flat-stick was on fire. The driver straight... It was nice to leave the course with so few stupid shots given...
  10. bdcrowe

    Who names their clothing company this?

    If you don't get it, you don't enjoy body-function-chuckles..... :D http://www.hoofheartedoutfitters.com/index.htm
  11. bdcrowe

    Happy Birthday JC!!!!

    And I don't mean Christmas. Gonna get some golf in?
  12. bdcrowe

    A hearty congratulations to Phil.

    Well-earned and well-faught... (This post will double as an excuse for Buddha to log in and post coke-habit, gambling, and prostitution ring comments at will...)
  13. bdcrowe

    Pleasnat surprise...

    The Chattanooga Classic, Nationwide event is held on our Black Creek golf course. It's a private, (obviously) tour quality course and is a bit of a bear to get on and play, even when you have the $$$. I have been given the opportunity to get on and play July 11. I watched the Nationwide...
  14. bdcrowe

    OK... Story from the Nationwide tour.

    I'm putting this in hacker's anonymous because of what I felt like doing to this dude yesterday (Sunday) morning at the Chattanooga Classic. My son and I volunteered at the Nationawide event yesterday. We were positioned just off of the 11th tee, a downhill par 3 that the pros were just...
  15. bdcrowe

    Week 5 results:

    Played today and am volunteering at the Nationwide Tourney tomorrow, so no play tomorrow. Shot an 87 for 22 points. Looks like the US has taken a lead... for now. ;) Spent some time with Ben Hogan this week. He told me some things about how to take either side out of play. It worked...
  16. bdcrowe

    Results: Week 4

    Played 2 9 hole rounds for the week (figured I wouldn't enter the select shot score in;)), and I believe we agreed that we can combine for a score if no other choice? Anyway, scored a 7 first 9 and 13 second, for a total of 20. The new/old swing seems to be coming around, and I have high...
  17. bdcrowe

    Hhhmmmm..... A year wasted?

    I think so. It was pointed out to me a year ago that I had a pretty flat swing. So, I've worked for a year to go more upright. My handicap has gone up 10 points since. I've heard all of the arguments: an upright swing is on the target line longer; an upright swing isn't as dependent on...
  18. bdcrowe


    Clean up some PM space. ;)
  19. bdcrowe


    Clean up some PM space. ;)
  20. bdcrowe

    This will go along with the "hippy" thread a few days ago...

    As with others who apparently share this problem, I get the hooks if my hips don't power through the ball correctly-- leading the swing, so to speak. Needless to say, I've been hooking a bit lately. I happened to remember Jack Nicklaus writing that if he wanted to fade the ball, he would...