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  1. ThatCanadianGuy

    My iron shopping result (Ping irons! Noooo!)

    Well, the plan was to hit the X forged, like them, get fitted, and order a set from work at cost price:D. Well things went off track from the start. I didn't like the things. Felt good, looked great, but I hit them everywhere. I asked if I could have an X forged that was 2 flat from the...
  2. ThatCanadianGuy

    Hit some balls today..

    On the frozen course. Found a nice little spot sheltered from the wind by the trees and hit my FT-5 a bunch. It's been over a month and a half since I hit a ball and I was hitting it better than I did in august. One of my 08 goals is to be able to control my ball flight. More specifically...
  3. ThatCanadianGuy


    Won their first game last night 3-0. is it me or is that a big frickin ice surface?
  4. ThatCanadianGuy

    Thanks Lyle

    Box of Grips arrived today. Lyle gave me a great price, and once Golfsmith had them, they were quickly shipped to me. Even though he's mildly retarded he's a good guy to get your gear from. Thanks again, JS
  5. ThatCanadianGuy

    Bobby Jones Clubs

    Holy crap, it's impossible to find someone that carrys Bobby Jones clubs. I have called all the big boys in NS which is like..6 different stores and no one carries any Bobby Jones. Father wants a Players series hybrid:rolleyes: Golf Town could get one shipped to me in a week, but a week is...
  6. ThatCanadianGuy

    Attention Lyle

    Wondering if you shipped the package to me. Thanks, JS
  7. ThatCanadianGuy

    Dear Lyle,

    Go to "User CP" towards the top of the page, and click. Then, from the list on the left select "Edit Options". Now scroll down to the middle of the page and check the box beside the sentence that says " Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up" Now when you get a PM a box will appear on...
  8. ThatCanadianGuy

    Macgregor is really trying hard.

    I think this is a very nice looking forged iron, myself. If they get a good response, they are going to make LH sets. You RH'rs better pre order so us lefties can have a shot at them! amount of Bones- 799.
  9. ThatCanadianGuy

    Ebay deals

    Oh my lord. I just looked on Ebay and there are so many good deals that are ending in like 5 mins for LH clubs. It makes me want to get into the whole Ebay buying crap. Global has some great deals on there. SQ FW's for $75 SQ drivers for $75 r7 425 TP with Comp NT for $100ish brand...
  10. ThatCanadianGuy


    So did anyone else's firefox just go shitty and..old looking or is it just me? Looks like I was kicked back like..300 versions.:shocked: Lost all my bookmarks as well.
  11. ThatCanadianGuy

    Happy Birthday

    To our ultimate Cameron ho!.
  12. ThatCanadianGuy

    I waited until the last minute and made a bag change,

    but I finally broke my personal scoring record, shooting an E par 70. It was a nice day, 7ºC, little wind and sunny. I haven't played in two weeks but the last two rounds things started to come together shooting a 75 and 73. The bag change I mentioned in the thread title involved the...
  13. ThatCanadianGuy

    Everyone else is doing it...(Swing Vid)

    This is the latest I have. I'll have to try and get a new one sometime. Tell me what you think. SwingAcademy.com
  14. ThatCanadianGuy

    Ever have 13 snapping turtles on your arm?

    I have.:laugh:
  15. ThatCanadianGuy

    Callaway Forged Blade Proto (pic)

    Looks ok. Can't say I'm jumping all over them but they aren't ugly. These ones are Phil's, he's giving them some bag time this week. (Un watermarked pic was taken from WRX.)
  16. ThatCanadianGuy

    Online PC gamers?

    Wondering if anyone plays any multi player.
  17. ThatCanadianGuy

    Bagged my first win today.

    The Jr. Club Championship was yesterday and today. I was feeling well going into it and thought I had a good chance of pulling off a W. Shot 75 the first day. Lipped out 7 times on the back nine. Horse shoe'd a 20 footer for par on 10. ARG!. Hit a lot of fat iron shots and pretty well hacked my...
  18. ThatCanadianGuy

    Never Compromise Milled series #1/speed control #1

    Who has played around with these putters. I'm looking to pick up a new blade. I have a new 2 bar mallet but I cant seem to make many putts fall. Not overly comfortable over the ball either. Can't seem to get the speed with this thing.I may use my old Taylormade TP-26 next time im out. Those NC's...
  19. ThatCanadianGuy


    I think they look pretty good actually. 3 iron, wedge, driver and 3 wood pics,
  20. ThatCanadianGuy

    May need a new stand bag

    The zipper broke on my Nike today, and unless it can be fixed I'm going to have to buy another one. Any suggestions on a good, high quality, comfortable to carry..carry bag?. I know sun mountain gets good reviews from people but I dont like the designs/color patterns. I love the look of...