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    WTB-s300 shafts

    Looking for some cheap s300 shafts. 4-pw preferably. Let me know what you have.
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    Little bit of everything sale. Come and get it.

    I have started to build a collection again and need to start moving some stuff out. Everything has been well taken care of. All prices are shipped and paypal'd. 1. Sonocaddie V300 GPS. I have the box and everything that came with it. The unit is in very good working condition. Very,very easy...
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    Clearing out the extras - Baby #4 is on the way

    Baby #4 is on the way and I need to move all the extras out. All prices are shipped and paypal'd conus and if there is a price you don't like, please PM me an offer. No trades please. 1. Ping Rapture V2 head only. This was ordered from Ping custom and was digitally lofted at 8.4* and 1.5*...
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    WTB - Accuflex Evolution

    Anybody have an Evolution shaft they can part with? Looking for an x-flex, preferably new but can be a driver length pull-out. Let me know.
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    Sonocaddie V300 GPS

    I picked this up last season and maybe have used it a dozen times, so it's in excellent condition with all the original packaging. Overall its a great gps unit. For the most part, the yardages were marked pretty well at most courses. seemed like there was a hole from course to course that may...
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    Ping I15 Axivcore Tour Red shaft, Titleist VooDoo fw pullout

    Ping I15 8* driver shafted with a Axivcore tour red 60wt X-flex. Playing length at 45 in. In very good condition with minor face and sole wear. $300 shipped and Paypal'd Titleist Voodoo fw x-flex shaft pulled from a new 909F3 3wd. 41.75 in length. $50 shipped and paypal'd Please email any...
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    New Lone Wolf Elite hang on tree stand

    Not sure how many hunters we have in here but I thought I would post it anyways. I have a BNIB Lone Wolf Elite hang on tree stand I am looking to move. I have had it out of the box but it has never been out of my basement. I had intentions of using it, but with the birth or our 3rd son, it...
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    Mizuno Mp-57 PX 6.0 4-PW

    Time for these to go. They are standard LLL and in pretty good condition overall. They show some bag chatter and sweet spot wear on the short irons. No uglies. $250 shipped and paypal'd conus Shoot me an email address if you need pics.
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    Adams Speedline Classic DF and Diamana shafts

    1. Adams Speedline Classic DF 6.5* shafted with a Diamana Whiteboard 73x x5ct shaft. Shaft has been tipped .5 inches and the club plays at 45 inches. Only hit a dozen balls so it's in excellent shape. New headcover included. $400 obo shipped and paypal'd. 2. Diamana Redboard 83x x5ct measured...
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    Shafted in WRX driver deal

    This happened to me over in WRX but I thought I would share it with you guys also. After PMs with one of the Mods, he suggested to post here about a bad BST transaction I had with a fellow WRX member Alcazark. I had purchased a TM Tour Burner TP driver shafted with a Ion Diamana Whiteboard...
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    WTT/WTS Mizuno MP-52 3-pw

    close it up 3-PW Mizuno MP 52 irons w/ S300 shafts. Standard L/L/L. Long irons 3-5 in very good condition. 6-PW have some frost/sweet spot wear. No dings or uglies to speak of. Overall they have 3 range sessions of use. Looking to trade for MP-57s 3-PW, preferably with PX 5.5 shafts. Let me...
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    Club paint cleanup help

    I know there was a thread about this in the past, but what do you use to get surface stratches out of the paint of a driver? I remember someone using maguires wax or something like that.
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    Drivers for sale...

    1) Brand new in the plastic Taylor Made Tour Burner 9.5* shafted with a real Diamana 63s Blueboard S-flex. New headcover included - $OLD 2) Used but in very good condition Callaway FT-5 Tour 9.5*, neutral config, shafted with a Matrix Ozik X-Con 6 X-flex - $old 3) Used but in very good...
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    Callaway uPro GPS

    I've been looking at golf GPS systems and I have become very interested in the callaway upro. Does anyone have experience with it, and how was the yardage accuracy?
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    R9 TP Fubuki TP Shaft

    R9 TP 8.5* shafted with a 73 X-flex Fubuki TP shaft at 45in. Its in very, very good condition. Only hit 12 balls with it at the range. Comes with headcover and wrench. Sold pending payment Pics emailed at request just need an email address.
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    Whole buncha shafts

    I need to get these shafts out of the basement. They are all in good condition with minor bag wear except for the new ones. I am open to fair offers on these since I really don't know what the going prices are. Willing to work a trade for a shaft puller or swingweight scale. 1. New VS proto...
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    Project-X question

    I have a question for you clubbuilders out there. I have an extra 9-iron and a couple 5-iron shafts and was wondering if i could cut these down to play in my wedges without changing the stiffnes too much. Could I just tip trim them or would I need to do a combination of tip and butt trim. Any...
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    Ping G10

    Closed Deal Ping G10 9* shafted with a Penley Stealth 70 3.5 tq stiff flex at 46 in. Overall in good condition with a few small paint chips on the bottom of the head that have been touched up. Crown is in perfect condition. A nice low spin combo. Traded Trade interests are drivers 8.5-9.5...
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    Nike SQ Sumo2 13* Diamana Redboard

    All Sold!! Nike SQ Sumo2 13* 3+ wood shafted with a real Diamana Redboard 63 x-flex .350 tip. Head and shaft are in very good condition. No skymarks or uglies of any kind. This club is a rocket launcher. Head Sold!!! SOLD shipped and paypal'd OBO for the Redboard shaft. Pics available...
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    Blackberry Curve Feeler

    I was given a brand new AT&T Blackberry curve 8310 as a gift. I really don't have much interest in switching from my current phone so I am thinking of selling it. I don't know much about it or what a fair price would be. If anyone is interested in this shoot me a PM and maybe we could work...