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    Hit a 405 yard drive!!

    Don’t underestimate the quality of a well placed cart path drive!! Haha! My previous PB cart path drive was about 325. Lol! followed it up with a wedge onto the green, 3 putted for a bogey……
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    Driver shaft flex

    I agree. I feel it’s the tip torque. this thread is timely. Friday I took all my 50-ish weight R flex drivers to the range . Basically no matter how I tried they all sliced. All of them ate about 4 to 5 degree tip torque. otoh, the 2 stiff shaft drivers I have worked mucho better. They...
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    Lesson today

    Lol! I feel more confident now. Recent adventures in the beach have seen improvement.
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    Which 2nd Hybrid?

    The TSi1 29 hybrid has been working out awesome! Ordered a 23 degree yesterday . Yes a big gap, but I felt a 3 degree gap was very borderline considering my skill level (not to good) and also carry a fairly full complement of wedges loft and bounce wise. So it’s about the legit full bag
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    what did you shoot today?

    No golf for me for a bit. Covid… and the heat… taking a few weeks off.
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    Which 2nd Hybrid?

    Have a titliest hybrid “7” it’s 29 loft so actually a six, carry’s 170 easy when swung correctly. Use it every chance I can. Expensive though
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    I joined a club

    Lol! I think the Phoenix group is pretty good actually. Was in the north Dallas group.. but this years rotation of courses I could do without !
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    The LIV (Saudi Tour) Thread

    Bridgestone is happy to sell tires In Saudi Arabia. Mastercard is widely accepted in Saudi Arabia. The hypocrisy is alive and well. And Phil’s KPMG ? Hit with millions in fines for shady business practices
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    Honeymoon in Hawaii

    haha indeed ! on a 160-ish Par 3, grabbed this new boomer and yeah boomed it over the green, to be seen never again!
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    Fairwaysplitter3320 (Nick)

    The good side is he has one less thing to hurt in the downswing! Have at it FWS!
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    Lesson today

    Sand bunker. A great lesson. I would have never really picked this up correctly from the internet. This was a lesson way past due. I fear no sand! wish me luck please:)
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    Honeymoon in Hawaii

    Honeymoon over ! Oh it was ok, sometimes great, it’s golf. It’s like on this course, # 11 is always a dam blow up. It’s not that hard at all. But for some reason I never do well. My second shot , with new club had the flight and distance…. Into the woods. Dammit!
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    Wee treat tomorrow

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    Honeymoon in Hawaii

    I think I’ll ditch my 5 hybrid. I’d like to carry a normal 6 for lie conditions. Plus don’t want to damage this new one on bad crap lies. It cost tooo much .
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    Honeymoon in Hawaii

    Took the new Titleist Tsi1. ‘7’ hybrid (really a 6, 29 deg.). To the range today. Sweet mother of all Butter, this club is awesome!! But, it’s the range right? Pro shop let take a cart to a nemesis hole. One with a lake I never ever carry, or if do, it’s a slice into the woods. Hate this hole...
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    You guys watch this on u tub ?

    just came out. Interesting, entertaining .
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    Id like to see him get his Putting back ! recently i started looking at the Cup, - after making a few practice strokes, and then setting and lining up. Make the stroke while only looking at the Cup. From 3 , 5, 6, ft away. actually make quite a few. or end up a just a few inches away...
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    What did you buy today?

    first 3 swings ugly. not ready to swing. last one was more bettah swing. ball went a long ways, good flight. of course it will fall apart on the Course :)
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    What did you buy today?

    the Titty 29degree hybrid arrived today. brought it to work. once evenrrything settles down here (i work 7pm to 7am), I will hit a few crap balls into the nearby woods. :)
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    Bet he’s wondering the same.. for quite a while now. Darn shame.