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Search results

  1. backNine29

    Grafalloy Pro Lite Shaft with TM Adapter

    35S. 42.25". Brand new GP full-cord grip. $20.00 CONUS.
  2. backNine29

    SuperStroke 1.0 Belly 145 Grip - Pic

    21" Black and White. One-time pull. Used, but in very good condition. No observable wear. Cap clean. $20.00 CONUS.
  3. backNine29

    Cracked RBZ Driver Head

    My RBZ driver head cracked this morning. Never had this happen with any other drivers I have used. Is this unusual for TaylorMade? Curious. Driver is under warranty and will be replaced at no cost.
  4. backNine29

    A Few Hats

    All in VERY good condition. Near new. No sweat stains on inner bands. Clean. White Grafalloy - SOLD. Exotics hat is black. Canali hat is blue. Fujikura hat is black and white with Blur and Motori logos. Palmer hat is mustard. $9.00 each or $35 CONUS for the lot.
  5. backNine29

    WTB: Ping Zing 2 Putter

    Any condition.
  6. backNine29

    Adams Speedline F11 10.5* Driver Head

    Bought this and just won't get to it. Flawless, like new and includes head cover in same condition. $60.00 CONUS.
  7. backNine29

    R5 Dual w/ MAS 65-S

    REDUCED: R5 Dual w/ MAS 65-S 9.5* Very nice condition. Nice crown and paint. New TM Tour Velvet grip. R7 head cover included. Now $42.00 CONUS.
  8. backNine29

    White Lightening 469 Driver - MINT!

    Sold. White Lightening 469 Driver - MINT! Sold.
  9. backNine29

    1965 Top Flite Professional Irons, 3-9. MINT.

    1965 Top Flite Professional Irons, 3-9 Mint. Very likely never hit. Matching serial numbers. Medium flex original steel shafts. New Chamois grips. $90.00 shipped CONUS.
  10. backNine29

    TaylorMade Rossa Cozine Putter

    TaylorMade Rossa Corzine Putter. Excellent. GONE! Gone!
  11. backNine29

    Titleist 975D Driver and 975F 3 Wood. Voodoo.

    REDUCED! Titleist 975D Driver. Voodoo. Titleist 975D driver with Titleist Voodoo stiff. 9.5*. New GP Tour velvet grip. Titleist striped headcover included. One small scrape on crown; not visible at set up. Otherwise very good condition. Pics available upon request. $40.00...
  12. backNine29

    FS: Tommy Armour EFT Model 1 Series (Answer Style) Putter

    REDUCED AGAIN! Tommy Armour EFT Model 1 Series (Answer Style) Putter Tommy Armour EFT Model 1 Series (Answer Style) Putter Original Armour black/red grip Red Armour putter cover included Excellent condition; near new; no wear REDUCED TO $30.00 CONUS
  13. backNine29

    Cobra Baffler Pro 3H

    SOLD. Cobra Baffler Pro 3H SOLD. Very nice condition Cobra Baffler Pro 20*/3R.
  14. backNine29

    Nicklaus Dual Point 2H/18* Hybrid

    FS or TRADE: REDUCED - Nicklaus Dual Point 2H/18* Hybrid - Pics! Nicklaus Dual Point 2H/18* Hybrid. Dynamic Gold SL R300 steel shaft. Nicklaus velvet Grip. Nicklaus head cover included. Excellent condition; no hack marks. Crown pristine. 5 Now $35.00 CONUS or TRADE.
  15. backNine29

    MacGregor MacTec NVG2 Driver

    TRADED! MacGregor MacTec NVG2 Driver TRADED. GONE. MacGregor MacTec NVG2 Driver. .
  16. backNine29

    Nickent 4DX Driver

    SOLD. Nickent 4DX Tour Spec Driver GONE. SOLD. Nickent 4DX 8* Tour Spec driver.
  17. backNine29

    Cobra Speeder Hybrid Shaft

    Cobra Speeder hybrid shaft. 41.5 inches. .335. Stiff flex. Clean pull from Cobra hybrid. $25.00 CONUS.
  18. backNine29

    Cobra F Speed Driver and Cobra Speed Pro 3 Wood

    GONE: Cobra F Speed Driver and Cobra Speed Pro 3 Wood Cobra 460cc 10.5* Driver with Speeder stiff shaft. SOLD. Cobra X ST 15* 3 Wood with Speeder. Traded.
  19. backNine29

    Callaway Driver and Cobra TWS Hybrid

    REMOVED: Callaway Driver and Cobra Baffler TWS Hybrid REMOVED.
  20. backNine29

    WTB: Graphite Design YS-6+ Stiff

    Driver pull preferred.