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  1. xamilo

    Titleist is catching up on TM

    After the surprising release of the C16 for this year, Titleist already showed the first pics for NEXT YEARS Driver the 917 (which was expected due to their usual two year cycle). So now we have to drivers already announced which are still to hit the market. Just like the old Taylormade or...
  2. xamilo

    Looking for a cheap iron set

    I'm traveling to Kentuky for a couple of month but unfortunately I don't have space to bring my golf bag with me, but still wanted to make fun of myself and visit the range. Does anybody have a regular flex iron set willing to let go for not so much? Or maybe lend to me? (I can pay for...
  3. xamilo

    Golf in Kentuky

    Hello guys! How are you? Last month I received a very interesting offer from the Kleinert Institute in Louisville Kentuky, so it seems I'll be heading there on February next year for 3-4 months and most probably on an indefinetely bases by 2017. After checking the most important aspects (as...
  4. xamilo

    WTB Hybrid

    Hey Mates! Since LBlack didn't answer and I wasn't able to buy the Adams driver i was looking for, now I'm looking for something else. I'll be in the US in the first week of November so I'd be able to pick things up in a U.S. Address hehehe I'm looking for a 23-25 Hybrid with a regular shaft...
  5. xamilo

    WTB Adams 9064, Cleveland CG14, W/S Fybrid 5H

    Hello Mates! How are you? I was looking for some old stuff, thinking one of you might have soemthing in their basement: 1. Adams 9064 Driver 2. Clevland cG14 Wedges (Would Prefer Black Finisi or What's left of it hehehe) 52-56-60° 3. Wilson Staff 4h-5h Hybrids Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  6. xamilo

    NFL Chrushmas....

    Its been posted before for previous versions but here its the last one which I found hillarious.. http://profootballmock.com/nfl-qbs-on-facebook-merry-chrushmas/
  7. xamilo

    2012 Season

    So what are your predictions for this new season which started yesterday????
  8. xamilo

    Anybody else wants to say something about Teabow?

    Ok, he shut me up today and made me eat my words. I could have bet an arm and a leg he had NOTHING to do against the Steelers, and was heading to the biggest embarrassment of his short career. And I would have bet the other limbs against the game ending with an 80yd pass from Denver's "can't...
  9. xamilo

    Callaway 2012 Line

    Your thoughts? I think the irons look uglier every year... Callaway Catalog
  10. xamilo

    Taylormade 2012 Line...

    So, what do you guys think? (Other than RocketBallz being the worst name ever) https://tmag.box.com/s/lnzr56tcokcv4atdfqxu
  11. xamilo

    Shoe Website Help!!!!!!

    Hey mates! Does anybody knows a website where I can buy sneakers online and have a same day shipping??? Someone is coming to AUS and going through the U.S. for one day on Wednesday, and I need to get some shoes in the place she is staying by then. Can anybody help me? Thanks Cheers
  12. xamilo

    President's Cup 2011

    Anybody watching it? (Tiger is on, so there is no excuse as "if Tiger doesn't play golf is boring"). Amazing how the Int. team was winning half of the matches and ended up halving all but one of them....Tiger/Stricker match which was a 7-6 (but could have ended 10-8 easily since they didn't...
  13. xamilo

    Canadians, let's not forget thou!

  14. xamilo

    Golf Digest Editor's Response...

    Received a Twitter from Gold Digest's Magazine after they announced the new "surprises" in their 2012 Hot List....
  15. xamilo

    New NFL Season

    Well, after a really stupid "strike", the NFL is back on, and pre-season is already heating up. So, what are your thoughts of what has being going on? Anything interesting? For now, I thin my Bears are going to suck this year big time, and I'm really not happy with what the free-agency and...
  16. xamilo

    New Srixon Golf Ball

    Even though they make some really really good golf balls, they seem to be lagging far behind in the market.... Well, new ball released (or to be released?).... I guess in a year where no new spectacular releases have been made (no TM Driver for 6 months or so!) due to the struggling economy...
  17. xamilo

    New R11 Irons, you knew the where comming...

    New R11 irons. I was expecting more white, but anyway, they managed to make them fugly enough without the change of colour.
  18. xamilo


    So, has anybody had the opportunity to try it yet? Anything worth the buzz or just the same old #$%@?
  19. xamilo

    Tiger withdraws from the British Open

    I am surprised, and I have to say I still don't believe the "injury" thing at all.... Anyway, Lyle would have won a lot of premium balls if people wouldn't have backed up on their "tiggy love" Tiger withdraws from British Open - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  20. xamilo

    Who where the people betting???

    Wasn't there a bet between members here for a dozen premium golf balls on Woods coming out of the Top 10 by the end of the year? Well, if I still can read proper English, I think Mr Woods has fallen down to 17. So, who is ready to pay? (If the bet was under the Top 20 then we'll have to...