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    Ecco Men's Golf Shoes Size 11 - 11.5 Black / Green

    Ecco Men's Street Golf Shoes Size 11 - 11.5 Spikeless Unworn. New with box $125 shipped US
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    True Linkswear "Vegas" Shoes 11

    Brand new, only tried them on. They are size 11 but run a little tight. Cool shoes $55 shipped US only
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    FS Taylormade Daytona 1 CGB Putter

    Taylormade CGB Daytona 1 Putter, 34 inch (measured from grip end straight through shaft to floor), Winn AVS Midsize Black Grip, shows signs of use but nice overall condition, no hc $35 shipped US
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    Adams Idea Pro Gold Hybrid Golf Club 20* Stiff JavlnFX

    Adams Idea Pro Gold Hybrid Golf Club, Stiff Javln FX Shaft, 20 degree loft, no hc, vg condition, Medallist Wrap grip 45 shipped US
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    FS Wilson 8802 Putter 34 inch

    Putter is in very good conditon with only slight scratching and nicks, Head Speed Shaft, New Midsize Winn Tripleline Grip (original grip included), no HC, 34 in length. This is the remake model by Wilson, not the 1964 orig. Had it up here before but I'm going to try again. $50 shipped US
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    Titleist 983E Golf Club Driver 8.5 Stiff Grafalloy 35

    Good overall condition, shows some signs of use, 8.5 deg loft, Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip, 45 in, Grafalloy Prolite 35 Stiff Shaft, Shaft graphics are facing up, no hc $35 shipped US
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    FS Ray Cook Sirius Putter

    Putter looks to be new with headcover, 35.5 in. measured from top of grip straight through to sole of putter $35 shipped US
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    FS Wilson Progressive Forged Iron Set 2-PW

    This is the older Wilson Progressives, a little face wear but not too bad, firestick 2.8 stiff shafts, new Medallist Midsize grips. 2-PW. 4-PW are pictured but the 2 and 3 irons are in similar condition. 110 shipped. US
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    FS The Wilson 8802 Putter 34"

    The Wilson 8802 Putter 34" head speed shaft, New Winn Tripleline Midsize grey grip (orig grip included) Nice condition $70 shipped US
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    Blacking out a non blackout Ping grip

    Hi Guys, I like the blackout version of the Ping putter grip but the white letter version is easily available locally. Anyone have any good suggestions on blacking these out? thanks
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    FS Mizuno T Zoid Forged 3 Wood

    Mizuno T Zoid Forged 3 Wood Accel Arc stiff regular graphite shaft, I believe these are considered firm Mizuno grip Mizuno headcover included 3 wood is 15 deg Wood is in xlnt to like new condition $55 shipped US also have the 5 wood
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    FS Taylormade R7 Driver 9.5, Grafalloy Blue Stiff

    Nice Taylormade R7 9.5 with a Grafally Blue Stiff Shaft, weights are 2-10-2-10 New Medallist Velvet Grip, no hc or wrench. Small pop up mark on the crown towards the toe. This is a rocket! $65 Free Ship US
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    FS Callaway Heaven 7 Wood War Bird Firm

    Club is in overall good contion, new midsize Lamkin Crossline grip, firm RCH 90 shaft, has hc ( a little faded ) $35 free ship email if interested
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    FS Wilson Tour Special 1 Napa Putter 34 inch

    Putter is in fair condition with many small nicks and small bag chatter. Putts nicely, good weight, 34 inch stepless shaft, new Lamkin Deep Etched grip. No hc email if interested $25 shipped US
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    Tommy Armour 855s Silver Scott Iron Set Stiff 3-PW & 52 wedge

    Tommy Armour 855s Silver Scott Iron Set Stiff 3-PW & 52 deg gap wedge (Yellow Dot) Clubs are in good conditon with only normal signs of use. There are no dings or really heavy scratches. Used but not abused Shafts are Tommy Armour Stiff Shafts, Grips are Golf Pride Tommy Armour Wrap Grips in...
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    Orlimar Tri Metal II 13* Fairway 3 Wood Reg Flex

    Orlimar Tri Metal II 13* Fairway 3 Wood Head and face are in good overall condition. The crown does have some small sky marking as expected with a low profile face. Reg flex Orlimar 75g, 4.0 tourgue grey shaft, Lamkin V-trac cord grip $17 + free priority mail email for pics if needed
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    FS Taylormade R7 Golf Club Driver 9.5* 425 Stiff Shaft

    Taylormade R7 Driver 425 head, Stiff Reax 65 Fujikura Shaft, no headcover or wrench, 2-20gr, 2- 2gr weights, good condition Trying a different driver so letting this go. email any questions $65 free ship
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    60 deg wedge question

    I'm moving my 60 deg wedge. I really like to just lay back my 56 to my desired loft. How many of you guys actually carry a 60 in your bag? I can't get used to such a high lofted club.
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    FS Wood Bros 52 deg Gap Wedge

    An interesting wedge. Has an S200 TT Shaft and a Midsize Dual Durometer Grip. Something to play around with. not available
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    FS Wood Bros 60.04 deg Wedge

    Wood Bros 60 deg Wedge 35 1/2 " length, Dynamic Gold S200 Shaft, 60.04 deg and bounce, Golf Pride Dual Durometer Grip ( yellow cap, pretty good condition). The shaft band is a little old. The chrome head has a little has some slight scraping on the sole from normal use, minimal bag chatter...