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  1. Smallville


    Hey NVM, Not sure about Canada, but in the U.S. Glucosamine is not regulated. It's a supplement, not a prescription drug, and what you get may not contain as much as what it claims to. Nothing you can do about it really, just beware, and maybe stay with more well-known brands...
  2. Smallville


    I thought you thought THP was a worthless site, so it makes me wonder why you would trust it to verify anything? Slingblade asked for a source. I waited to see if you would provide a source, but you never did. You got on but wouldn't cite one, so I did. That's all. Either way, you didn't cite...
  3. Smallville


    The source is HERE. Some people here may not like the site but news doesn't get posted there without it being verified. I am surprised that people find it amusing when any company has goes under in this economy. Especially a golf company that was trying to go up against the industry giants...
  4. Smallville

    Happy Birthday N.V.M.

    Happy Birthday NVM! (Substitute "Mike" for "Alan"!)
  5. Smallville

    nice little walnut project

    That's going to be an awesome table once it gets finished Mike. It's awesome as it sits! Did GolfGirl ever join HDJ to get her gaming fix? I never see her there.
  6. Smallville

    Nanny on Spring Break

    For those pictures, I'll take out a second and even third mortgage! hehehe
  7. Smallville

    Northlands, anything better?

    That's one beautiful course NVM. You don't see that in Kansas.
  8. Smallville

    Trace Adkins and West Point Glee Club

    This was performed last night at the ACM's. YouTube - Trace Adkins and the West Point Cadet Glee Club, USMA, ACM 2009
  9. Smallville

    Having heart valve repair surgery.

    Glad to hear you are doing better Wi. Keep this thread filled with updates.
  10. Smallville

    Researching HDTV Refresh rate 120 vs. 60

    highdefjunkies and highdefforum are pretty good too. The former is pretty new.
  11. Smallville

    Best Cut of Steak?

    Ribeye. Medium-rare. Filets are awesome but too spendy to eat all the time. No sauce of any kind. If you need something other than the meat itself, it's not any good. The juices should be enough.
  12. Smallville

    The first stage of Alzheimer's

    LOL that would suck! But no, the note was here at work!
  13. Smallville

    The first stage of Alzheimer's

    Yes, my wife is from Manchester and she has been a City fan since she was a kid. I am a City fan by default! (Give them a couple of years!) And she would not have allowed me to become a United fan! LOL Thanks Claire.
  14. Smallville

    The first stage of Alzheimer's

    Hence, "First Stage." Second stage is finding the hairbrush. Too funny True! I did figure it out shortly after I posted this. I gotta remember to record the Manchester City UEFA Cup game tomorrow afternoon!
  15. Smallville

    The first stage of Alzheimer's

    I wrote: "Thursday March 12 2:30 PM" on a post-it note on Monday. I remember writing it. I have no idea why.
  16. Smallville

    Bizkit the sleepwalking dog

    Nope, another golf one,
  17. Smallville

    Bizkit the sleepwalking dog

    I saw this at another forum. I thought it was HILARIOUS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2BgjH_CtIA
  18. Smallville

    Cowboys cut TO

    I just hope K.C. doesn't sign him. We already have a team cancer in Larry Johnson.
  19. Smallville

    Anthony Kim

    A lot of peple have been doing the same thing with Michelle Wie. And she hasn't won anything since she was what? 13? If she stays off the men's tour I might get behind her. Show you can beat the ladies 40 or 50 times like Annika did before she took on the men.
  20. Smallville

    Hello From Kansas

    Welcome to ShotTalk from another Kansan!