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  1. Slingblade61

    Merry Christmas

  2. Slingblade61

    It's August...

    Twelve years ago I created this forum. Happy anniversary fuckers!
  3. Slingblade61


    Since the owner is absent I'll break my old rule.... What do you think about the Donald's run? There's no wrong answer. :)
  4. Slingblade61

    What's up bitches?

    Miss me? B-)
  5. Slingblade61

    Some more sad news.....or not

    www.shottalk.com has been sold. I will be turning over the keys to the kingdom this evening. Details to follow.
  6. Slingblade61

    this has to be the best golf story EVER!

    LOL!!! Dog eats man
  7. Slingblade61

    The 2012 Master's coffee cup challenge

    Back by popular demand, the Major tournament coffee cup challenge! The rules: Pick 4 golfers to win the Master's (you may even pick Tiger if you think it's wise) Scoring is as follows; 10 points for first place 9 points for second 8 points for 3rd and so on. ***5 additional points if you pick...
  8. Slingblade61

    MY new toy!

    gets delivered on Friday. :)
  9. Slingblade61


    I did a pretty major upgrade today and as usual a lot of stuff is broken. Post the bugs in here and I'll see what I can do to fix them.
  10. Slingblade61

    Who is your all time favorite golfer?

    Mine, hands down is this guy....he just oozed class.
  11. Slingblade61


    The site. Seriously. I can't do it anymore.....it's a great place that needs a dedicated owner(s). If you're interested keep 2 things in mind when making an offer. 1) I don't need to sell so don't try to steal it 2) I'm easily offended LOL!
  12. Slingblade61

    What was old is new again....

    Banned but Awesome: Self-Correcting Golf Balls That Always Fly Straight - FoxNews.com
  13. Slingblade61

    I just love this stuff!

    <object height="390" width="640">................ <object width="640" height="390"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/j6PnKUEFX8g&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&version=3"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess"...
  14. Slingblade61


    Wear them. Observe the wayward 17 year old (my oldest) who was a passenger when the driver lost control on a dirt road and they hit a tree. Tyler ate the dash with his face. Fractured nose, small skull fracture, assorted nasal bones also broken. This is a lucky kid. He will have his nose put...
  15. Slingblade61

    What to do?

    I quit the Acura job (start at a big Toyota place Monday) so I am off today. 70° out today. I need to start cleaning the yard from all the winter wreckage OR should I just go play golf? ;)
  16. Slingblade61

    U.S. professional hickory championship

    I would LOVE to play in something like this! Vintage Golf: U.S. Professional Hickory Championship: Golf Digest
  17. Slingblade61


    New host, new server, issues appear to be resolved. New posts tab, home page, pro shop.....all working. ...let me enjoy this for few minutes before you start pointing out errors that I missed. :)
  18. Slingblade61

    Job report

    So now ,I sell fecking cars! I have to say, I was on the fence about the job but since I have nothing else I'm making the best of it. After week 2 I have to say, it's not that bad. The Acura product just rocks! I have put a few of the SH-AWD cars through their paces and I have never been so...
  19. Slingblade61

    What's going on?

    Ok, so I started the new job and have had zero time to address the various issues with the site. When I had it moved some stuff fell apart. I also had a package that was VERY different from what I was used to from a back end standpoint. I have ordered a new CP and the site will have to move...
  20. Slingblade61


    In an effort to repair some of the issues with the forum we will be importing the old database again. If it works we will lose all the posts made over the last few days but the forum will work as normal. If it doesn't work I will revert to the current backup and we will only lose a few posts...