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  1. spankdoggie

    Harley going back together.

    Are you a lesbian? No offense, but your sig makes me wonder, since you are on a Harley, too. Take care and nice bike.
  2. spankdoggie

    My Daddy makes more than your Daddy

    Tiger is a retard. I have always said this.
  3. spankdoggie

    Bird Brain Neighbor Update

    I was just going to say this! Quit whining and build your own big fence. You can hang a water fountain on it, and grow some flowery vines that will grow on it. Build your OWN fence! :prop:
  4. spankdoggie

    I just bought a smoker...

    If possible, could a moderator please merge this thread with the 2008 barbecue thread? If you can, cool. If you can't, no worries. spank
  5. spankdoggie

    I just bought a smoker...

    So I know all of you have been waiting with baited breath for me to explain why I bought this particular smoker in question. Well, first was the size; in San Francisco, we do not have big backyards. A typical $1,000,000 home in San Francisco is a 25 x 100 foot lot, that includes the backyard...
  6. spankdoggie

    I just bought a smoker...

    Thanks PA. That is very helpful. :beach3:
  7. spankdoggie

    I just bought a smoker...

    I am moving up now, to real barbecue. I am excited! It is the weber smoky mountain...
  8. spankdoggie

    How are you heating your house this year?

    True, we just use natural gas here in San Francisco. It's all Hillary's fault, if you ask me.
  9. spankdoggie

    One reason for high gas prices...

    I apologize for taking this inane thread up an intellectual notch or so, but here goes: Global Analysis - J. R. Nyquist "A Dangerous Passage" 05/16/2008 Oh, Hillary Clinton is crazy.
  10. spankdoggie

    No politics please

    Oh, kiss my ass.
  11. spankdoggie

    One reason for high gas prices...

    This pretty much hits the nail on the head. However, they are not 'speculators' but large men/groups in power driving up the price. Dow Theory has shown that over a Presidential cycle, the year after a president is elected, is the lowest increase in stock prices (many times a decrease), in...
  12. spankdoggie

    My best golf photo attached here...

    Thanks dude. Someone asked where Lincoln Park is, so here is the location: Lincoln Park Golf Club
  13. spankdoggie

    My best golf photo attached here...

    I took this a few years ago, and I thought I lost it. This is of the 5th hole at Lincoln Park in San Francisco. I was coming up and I got it right in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge. The fifth hole is a steep hill walking up to the hole...
  14. spankdoggie

    Hillary has to be insane...

    Seriously, every photo of her looks like someone snuck up behind her, and shoved a greased dildo up her ass. Seriously... the bottom left corner, for example... but everyone of them...
  15. spankdoggie

    Hillary has to be insane...

    I don't do politics on the internet, but I have always thought Hillary was insane. This picture confirms it for me (I don't vote)...
  16. spankdoggie

    Phenomenal underwater footage.

    The octopus was crazy.
  17. spankdoggie

    OK - Tina Mickelson is HOT!

    Can we lock this thread, please?
  18. spankdoggie

    The barbecue/grilling thread 2008

    Are there really steak advocates that claim that indoor cooking in an iron pan is superior? Don't you lose the flavor of the melted fat as it burns on the grill and smokes back up and infuses the steak on a grill? Also, doesn't grilling have a lot less fat in it since some of it drips off and...
  19. spankdoggie

    The barbecue/grilling thread 2008

    Your comments beg the question: Have you grilled a steak before on an outdoor grill/barbecue? (honestly wondering) Edited: Oops, I misread your post. So you do sear over direct flame? I am listening here; please continue...
  20. spankdoggie

    The barbecue/grilling thread 2008

    Never mind. I just grilled a great steak with the cover open, and it was far superior. I don't know why, but it is grill open, on steaks from now on; probably hamburgers, chicken and anything else that needs to be cooked under 30 minutes. I would appreciate any opinions on this too, but this...