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  1. acarty

    F'S: R9 TP 8.5 X

    Hi guys, Got myself a new big dog, so need to shift mine quick. As my sig, R9 TP 8.5 with motore 73x and white/black multi compound. Good condition. No idiot marks, and some tee marks underneath. Complete with wrench and head cover. It's dark here so as soon as its a nice light, I'll...
  2. acarty


    Well hello chaps. I'm back! Been a long time since I've been on here, and it appears there's some new members since i was last here! Anyway, good to be back, and I luck forward to spending more time around here again! Andy
  3. acarty

    FS: UK - SkyCaddie SG2.5

    Hi guys, Long time no speak! I'm looking to get rid of my SkyCaddie SG2.5. It's a great unit and comes with a hard case, bag clip and I think I still have the box. It's just run out of my subscription and I don't use it very often. I need it to go today really, so someone make me an...
  4. acarty

    Titleist Balls

    Guys, The assistant pro at my place has 35 doz Titleist balls to shift. He's got Pro V1's, V1X's, PTS and DT's for sale. He can usually do them about £35 for Pro V1's, plus shipping. I'm sure he can do a deal, but I just thought I'd try help him out!
  5. acarty

    WTB: R9 Shaft Tip

    Evenin! I've got a Burner TP shaft here that I want to whack in my R9 head, and need a tip. Anyone got a spare? Andy
  6. acarty

    Graphite Design YS 8.1

    Anyone know anything about this bad boy? It's on eBay as an r9 shaft. Any comparisons to my shaft in my r9?
  7. acarty


    OK, so the end of season is nigh, and apart from the 4bbb winter competition, I have no more tournaments to play. This means that I spend a shedload of time at the range, working on new things, and fixing old habits. However, my gym has a range, and I seem to bypass the gym. Well, not this...
  8. acarty

    Driver trimming

    OK guys, give me some info if you will...! I want to shave my driver down a little. It's way too long atm, and I want to know what's going to happen to it if I get it butt trimmed... Is it safe to butt trim or is it better to get a new shaft that's shorter to start with?
  9. acarty

    New COBRA driver

    Adjustable hozzle. That's all I know so far. Geoff Ogilvy tweet'd about this UK afternoon....
  10. acarty

    FS: o2 Blackberry Bold

    I've had a Blackberry Bold on o2 (UK) for a few months now, maybe 3. I had it as a replacement to my old phone, and am now due for an upgrade to an iPhone on October 29, so I'm fielding serious offers for this Blackberry. This is seriously one of the best business and personal phones I've...
  11. acarty

    WTS: PC...

    I have a PC for sale that I really don't need...! It's an XP machine, x64 AMD Athlon. 500gb HDD and 2GB RAM. Biggish case with loads of space for expansion. ASUS M2V motherboard. Sorry on the vague specs. I need to check it at home. I don't have a price for this really, but if it's of any...
  12. acarty

    Orange UK Phone Contract....

    As daft as it sounds, I have an Orange contract that's about £20 per month. I passed it to my sister whilst she was at uni so she could have a phone. She's getting an iPhone today and I have another phone myself, so I really don't need it. It's got a few months (maybe till Feb 2010) left...
  13. acarty

    r9 Shaft Sleeve

    Anyone know where I can reliably get one of these puppies from? How do I go about whizzing a shaft into one?
  14. acarty

    FS: TM Tour Burner TP

    Guys, Tour Burner TP, 8.5* Fuji E-Fit On Stiff (360...???), little bit short than normal. Blue "Mizuno" multi compound grip. Ho'd from MG some time ago, and now replaced with the R9. Really sweet club, and the shaft is lovely and light, but not too weak! Not looking for a lot here really...
  15. acarty

    My swings at long last...

    Can't get these rotated on the website...! Driver SwingAcademy.com 8 Iron SwingAcademy.com Enjoy....!
  16. acarty

    Ricoh Women's British Open

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... Welcome to Royal Lytham and St Annes!!! So this thread will be my report on all the action I see from the Ladies British Open 2009 from Royal Lytham. As one of the greatest Open courses, the course offers a tough test for both amateur and professional...
  17. acarty

    Palm Treo 750v

    I have one of these lying around. I "think" it's locked to Vodafone UK, but I'd have to check. Used it for work for about 6 months but have moved jobs and so have no need. Got a cable, CD's, charger, headset etc etc. I can get pics if anyone wants. Looking about £80 + shipping. :o
  18. acarty

    Striking the ball with the driver

    OK so I'm reading some other threads about ball flight etc, and I'm quite happy with my irons. However, my driver seems to cause me issues... I have noticed recently that I'm snapping every tee, since I play with wooden tees for better feedback. Every single time it's snapped. So, being the...
  19. acarty

    Happy Birthday, SlicerDude!!

    Happy Birthday! Have a great day! Andy
  20. acarty

    Last year's proper Open

    Did any of you guys turn up to watch the real Open at Royal Birkdale? I was stood watching the par 3 17th?? when Poulter was on the tee, and Rocco came down too. I remember being stood next to some Americans who abused Poulter from around 200 yards away and it made me laugh hard! Just wondered...