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  1. Greydawg

    Club Cleaning.

    Maybe I'm just cheap... I clean my clubs after every round and/or range session. I actually enjoy it!:laugh:
  2. Greydawg

    This is what I'm doing tomorrow.

    I am sooooooo jealous!!!!!! Keep this up Pete, and I'll have to start running the road again!!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:
  3. Greydawg

    I'm breaking 90 this year....

    Tenn_Driver is gonna' be sooooo jealous!!!!!:real angry:
  4. Greydawg

    Practicing chipping...

    Too much club??? 2 words... Paint and spackle!!!:biglol:
  5. Greydawg

    Tommy "two gloves" Gainey at Q school

    I'm with you! Even worse, Anthony from Big Break Mesquite!!!:real angry:
  6. Greydawg

    Tommy "two gloves" Gainey at Q school

    Here's another one. Not to get off topic here but, you might also enjoy the book "Paper Tiger" by Tom Coyne, author of "A Gentlemans Game". It's his bio of his quest to attend Q-school and earn his card. I thought it was very good reading. I would love to see Tommy get his card! No tv me...
  7. Greydawg

    Happy Thanksgiving ST!!!

    That the heat is working!!!!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!:thumbs up:
  8. Greydawg


    Gotta' admire this guy! Here's a quick little background story about my friend Pete here. He used to bust my chops a bit when I told him I took up the game. Something about me being an 'Old Fart'.:laugh: But in a good natured sort of way, of course. Anyway he being an 'over the road'...
  9. Greydawg

    I broke a 100

    Now THERE'S an idea!!!! Maybe I should practice with an open can of beer on my head. That would keep it still! God knows I wouldn't want to spill any!!!!:biglol:
  10. Greydawg

    New to Board

    Welcome aboard!!! This is a great site! Even for hackers like me that hasn't broken 100 yet! (it's been two looooong years now!):laugh: I'm from New Jersey and through this forum I had the priviledge to meet our very own 'Sandy'. He has become a welcome addition to our little group that plays...
  11. Greydawg

    I broke a 100

    You're sooooo mean!!! Now that hurt!!!!:laugh: Guess I'll have to wait another year for mine!:( Great job though, keep up the good work!!!:thumbs up:
  12. Greydawg

    I stole a HiBore...........

    COOL!!! So when are ya getting up this way to show me up???:laugh: Better bring your 'long handles' with you!!!:thumbs up:
  13. Greydawg

    Do bad players cause you to play badly?

    NOPE!;) I make me play badly!!!!!!!:biglol:
  14. Greydawg

    Laterz, folks

    Back to the real world... Best of luck to you, Andy!:thumbs up: Now get to work, you slackard!!!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:
  15. Greydawg

    Season's Goal Achieved at the last gasp attempt!!!

    Me Too!!!! I'm down to a 7 also!;) A 7 per hole, that is!!!!!!:biglol: Great job!:thumbs up: Keep it up!!!:laugh:
  16. Greydawg

    golfing terms question

    Hi neighbor! Quick question. Not to get off topic, but where in Jersey are you from?
  17. Greydawg

    Screw this 3Wood already!

    I like the way you think!!! I think you and I could become great friends!!!!!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:
  18. Greydawg

    Why chip-ins are like London buses...

    That's my partner!!! Fantastic job, Sandy! As hard as you work on your game, practice, and research things, you damn well deserve it!:thumbs up: Looks like I'm in really big trouble tomorrow, huh?:laugh:
  19. Greydawg

    Screw this 3Wood already!

    You got some great advice! I sold my 3-wood. I now have Sandys' 7-wood in my bag. What a difference! Keep up the good work brother! Now get your ass up here and let's play a round! You bring your Andy, and I'll bring mine!!!:laugh:
  20. Greydawg

    Winter clothing

    Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! YUP!!!:thumbs up: Skivvies, "Long Handles", Thick socks, Dickies work pants, (no bluejeans allowed.) Long sleeve golf shirt, Collared sweat shirt, Lightweight golf jacket, (to block the wind.) Winter golf gloves, Wool hat. Although it does get kinda' hard to swing a club...