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  1. ChrisLyons

    Three wood question

    Do any of you guys know what the ideal spin rate for a three wood off the deck for optimal carry is? I finally got around to having that motore speeder put in my TEE CB4 15* head. I asked to hit it on the tracman to test it out and they obliged. No stretching or anything so started a little...
  2. ChrisLyons

    Matrix 7x3 white tie

    I was thinking someone here put a white tie in their three wood. I have a cb4 three wood that I would like to bring the launch up a bit in but not the spin. Could whoever it was tell me how they like that shaft and if it is high launch with lowish spin?
  3. ChrisLyons

    Anybody here play project x in their wedges?

    I love the feel of the project x 6.0 shafts in my irons. I was thinking of putting some in my wedges and having them the same length as my pitching wedge. What do you guys think?
  4. ChrisLyons

    New driver on order

    Well guys,I've done it again. I went to a demo day Saturday and hit several drivers. I fell in love with a nike covert tour driver with an upgrade shaft. I asked the nike rep how much and he said if I got it from nike it would be $800! The sales guy from the shop told me he could do much better...
  5. ChrisLyons

    Club ho'ing is hard work

    I took a long break from the game and decided to get out and play some again this year. The stuff I had was fine except for the shafts in my irons. I was just going to re shaft the irons I had but the prospect of a decent tax return and shiny new sticks had my head spinning. I found a shop in...
  6. ChrisLyons

    Advice on irons

    I just got back into golf after a long break and after 27 holes and a few hundred balls at the range it is evident that I still hit irons very well. It is also apparent that the uniflex shafts in my Callaway x-18's aren't stiff enough. Do any of you have any recommendations on a forged set of...
  7. ChrisLyons

    Master Grip golf balls

    Has anyone tried the master grip tour c4 golf balls? I'm pretty sure they are just rebadged discontinued tour balls from another company. If I can buy a ball comparable to the prov1 for $20 bucks a dozen I may have found this years gamer! Check it out at mggolf.com!