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  1. WildCatGolfer17

    Okay ill leave,

    I dont need 50 year olds and others to act like kids even further. You all blew things out of proportion. Roberno, I should have your money when i come back from florida. WHICH WAS PAID FOR WITH A VOUCHER I HAD! You may hate me, but what ever. I dont think im the one that " Screwed...
  2. WildCatGolfer17

    Pacquio, way to go

    Anyone else see the fight? It was close, both guys had nasty cuts on their eyes but it was really exciting.
  3. WildCatGolfer17

    ** The Official Hate thread for WildCatGolfer17 **

    Keep it clean so its not deleted, bring on the hate so we dont fill every thead that I post in with nonsense hate. Thanks :) :shark: have fun with it guys! I know i will! :prop:
  4. WildCatGolfer17

    Forged Nike CCI Blades 4-pw PX

    Like the Title says, Forged Nike CCI Blades, 4-pw Project X flighted 5.0 shafts Great shape not many dings at all. $450 OBO Paypal Shiped CONUS Working on pictures
  5. WildCatGolfer17

    76 but boring

    I played yesterday, hoped on the course as a walk on and got out pretty quick. played with 3 other guys, 2 of which were fairly good, and 1 was decent. First hole they asked" youth to tee off first " naturally I had to go with no range time and barley stretched. I actually hit the fairway...
  6. WildCatGolfer17

    Mizuno Mp-60's

    yeah I know i have a set, but I am looking for 3iron-6iron, maybe 4-6. Decent price, not beat to hell. Standard length and lie. CHEAP people? Just give me places to look please :)
  7. WildCatGolfer17

    What is all this about KC?

    Everyone on WRX seems to LOVE the King Cobra L4V driver head, Anyone have reviews? Or Pros Cons? I think I might have to try and Hit one next time at the golf store.
  8. WildCatGolfer17

    Alright Mine is here, I joined the club

    TEE CB1 3w 15* UST v2 66g 43.5 inches i think. Stiff flex. even though ive hit more balls in the last 2 days than I have in prob forever, i think im going to go give it a whirl. The only thing that worries me is the V2 tip feels VERY soft.
  9. WildCatGolfer17

    Thanks Global Golf and Roberno!

    Just got my stuff today, I should have got it yesterday but I missed the UPS guy. The Towel was perfect wrapped up, no busted tees, and the Titleist balls look almost perfect.
  10. WildCatGolfer17

    Nike Sumo Hybrid

    Hey guys, my friend asked me to post this because he didnt want to come on as a stranger. But yeah, 2 Hybrid, 18* Stiff flex comes with head cover. It is really pretty, no digs at all. No sky marks. Hes looking for $140 PayPal shipped. CON US. Ill ask him for pictures soon.
  11. WildCatGolfer17

    Super Cool Sports Game

    hey guys, my friend sent me this its totally cool. Basically they give you $.10 cents and you can bet on certain sporting events. And as you win you get up to $1.00 then you can increase bet amounts. Its just some fun, and it is slow to start cause you don't have any money but its interesting...
  12. WildCatGolfer17

    TEE?! Dream come true?

    Lucky for me this weekend I played with a guy who had some power, but was just flying the ball in all sorts of directions, anyways I gave him a few tips. He shot 48 on the front and 41 on the back, I dont want to take credit for 7 shots, but he thought it was me. So, I saw him at the driving...
  13. WildCatGolfer17


    Finally the Big Easy wins on American soil again, I think this could be a big year for him. Im going to say 4 wins on US soil, and 1 major.
  14. WildCatGolfer17


    Played golf today, and on the 9th hole my brother-in-law thought i was done grabbing a club and basically drove the cart over my heel, it didnt hurt too much until about the 14th, and right now its killing me. I know i didnt break anything but its bruised. :( crap.
  15. WildCatGolfer17

    Tour Edge Exotics XCG 3 Wood

    Tour Edge Exotics XCG 3 Wood? What is the XCG model? Anyone? Compared to CB2?
  16. WildCatGolfer17

    Drills for putting

    Okay, I need some drills for putting, tips, etc.. and where do you guys position the ball in your stance when putting? Do you do a forward press with your hands blah blah blah, I need some help. I am not consistent at all. Thanks everyone
  17. WildCatGolfer17

    Those looking for a 13* TEE CB2

    Tour Edge Exotics 3 wood 13 wedge X CB2 X-Quad 43" - eBay (item 320221729210 end time Feb-29-08 19:12:51 PST) not bad, and I was watching a few auctions that stopped at just over$100. I just dont have the money in pay pal just yet.
  18. WildCatGolfer17

    ACCUFLEX Evolition

    ACCUFLEX Evolition Nano Composite? Good Bad? X flex $45 bucks? 42.5 inches? Deal Yes or No? I could have sworn ive seen a few of you guys with these
  19. WildCatGolfer17

    Looking for a little support

    Sorry to those that think I was joking.
  20. WildCatGolfer17

    I notice a Lot of " Bag Under Construction " around here...

    So for those of us that are wondering unless you are trying to make a big surprise what is on your mind for you bag for this coming season? Here are my plans: I am grabbing Mizuno MP-32 7iron-Pw and making a " Combo " set with the rest of my MP-60's. Trying to get my Hands on a Tour Edge...