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  1. Sunset Beach Golf


  2. Sunset Beach Golf

    Ocracoke in Oil Rubbed Bronze with a High Beam Hosel

    Let me know what you think, and we have been given the OK from Byron to use these hosels on our putters.
  3. Sunset Beach Golf

    Pair of Ocean Isles for OEM VP's

    Here are some pictures of two putters that we did recently for a couple of OEM VP's. I can't say what OEM. They are clean, simple Ocean Isle models and they both turned out sweet! Sometimes, less stamping is more and I think that this pair shows that well. They'll be heading to Georgia, later...
  4. Sunset Beach Golf

    Southport with a unique hosel in Oil Rubbed Bronze

    This one has spend a little more time here than planned, but is ready for a vacation to Bermuda, its new home. It is a South Port head with an extended Santa Fe-style hosel that has zero offset and was bent to create the toe hang that the customer preferred. It is done in our Oil Rubbed Bronze...
  5. Sunset Beach Golf

    Ocean Isle with a Flow Neck in Copper

    Here we have an Ocean Isle copper plated with a Flow neck. Requested at 350 grams. I think I have a serious competition for my favorite finish between the copper and the oil-rubbed bronze.
  6. Sunset Beach Golf

    Custom Mallet Taking Shape in the Sunset Beach Garage

    We have had more than a few requests for mallets, recently LaMont put his hands to one of the Pamlico raw heads and this is what came out the other end. There are pictures of this one, next to the base head and a Cameron, for comparison sake, as well. The head and hosel are 1018 carbon and tip...
  7. Sunset Beach Golf

    Torched Lefty Yaupon

    Some more lefty love. I made left handed Yaupon, Surfside, and Ocean Isles and the request of a WRX member who had a ton of orders ready for a bunch of lefties. Well those orders disappeared, but it has allowed us to have a bunch of models for lefties. Here is one that just arrived with it's...
  8. Sunset Beach Golf

    More Oil Rubbed Goodness - Ocracoke with a Santa-Fe

    Finally I have gotten around to having a putter for myself. After putting with a tour tester for awhile I decided it was time to have something made for myself. The oil-rubbed bronze finish is my favorite.
  9. Sunset Beach Golf

    Lola 2 heading out to a Tour Player

    On it's way to it's new home now. Hugh has been raving about the pictures and cannot wait to get it.
  10. Sunset Beach Golf

    Masonboro 2 - New Modified

    Here is part of our new head style that is modified with flatter bumpers to give it more of the Anser 2 styling. It has our new black chrome polymer finish on it. What do you guys think?
  11. Sunset Beach Golf

    More Oil Rubbed Goodness - Ocean Isle with a Round Hosel

    Here is an Ocean Isle that has headed out to it's new owner. The more I see the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish the more I like it. This one has a round hand bent hosel and a sightdot. Let me know what you think.
  12. Sunset Beach Golf

    Oil Rubbed Goodness

    Ocracoke all finished up. In by far my favorite finish.
  13. Sunset Beach Golf

    New Head Style - Unnamed - Prototype Pics

    Well here is our newest design. We milled three prototypes to monkey around with and sell. We are opting to change a few minor points. Face thickness and about everything else is exactly where we want it. We have not named this model yet, but as usual we will be sticking with our Carolina...
  14. Sunset Beach Golf

    Southport 2 to the Tour Ocracoke to a Customer

    Both putters are done in our new Hot Salts Black Oxide. The Southport 2 will be getting some time on the Nationwide and the Ocracoke is going to a "customer"
  15. Sunset Beach Golf

    Heel Shafted Mallet - Right or Left Handed

    I am looking at doing a small run of toe heavy heel shafted mallets. We can do the Yaupon as a heel shafted mallet, but the effect is not quite the same. We have done some as 1-offs for customers previously and we have had many people inquire about them. As always you can choose your finish...
  16. Sunset Beach Golf

    New Black Finish on a Yaupon

    Here are a few pictures of a Yaupon in a new finish. This is a Hot Salt Black Oxide. LaMont discovered this finish through a friend of a friend so we decided to try it out on a few putters. This is the first one finished.
  17. Sunset Beach Golf

    Beautiful Pamlico with a Pocket - No.9 Heel Shaft

    We have had a bunch of outcry for a true no.9 style heel shaft since we did a couple of one-offs for a customer. We are not doing that style yet, but LaMont tried his hand a putting a cavity in this one for me to simulate that style and I think it looks gorgeous. It will be seeing some demo...
  18. Sunset Beach Golf

    Lefty Love.....Surfside with a Plumber's Neck

    Headed out for a Laker's fan. A little lefty love for those of you that always feel left out.
  19. Sunset Beach Golf

    Stunning Finish on a Pamlico

    This Pamlico hit the mail on Saturday to go out to it's new home. The owner had seen an Ocracoke we did for a Tour Player about a year ago and was in love. After working with him on his stroke for awhile he decided on this style putter/weight and hosel type for the toe hang. Let me know what...
  20. Sunset Beach Golf

    New Custom Pamlico in Progress pics

    Here we have a custom pamlico going through the steps towards being finished. This one has a new face milling we are trying out. The heel shaft is made and super glued in place, sightline/sweetpot tested and will be cut after the hosel is attached and verified. We can handshape this head with...