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  1. Crossfire

    I used to think the Spider didn't look pretty...

    I like it, but then again I game a spyder, so my opinion is moot.
  2. Crossfire

    It was ugly!

    If you can find a way to seamlessly transfer swings from the range to the course, the Harmon brothers would bow to you. I agree with 20 PAT, I rarely hit balls for anything more than warmup. Spring and winter are the exception, as well if I am working on a new shot (I've spent the last 3 winters...
  3. Crossfire

    Want to sell your Driver?

    I think i still have a 9* Rapture and a 9.5* R7 425 TP laying around somewhere, shoot me a PM if interested.
  4. Crossfire

    What is the biggest flaw in your golf game?????

    My biggest problem is getting to cute with greenside shots, always opting to hit the "wow" shot when a simple chip is all that would be required to get up and down. Also, i find myself going for too many pins when i find trouble, a simple punch would keep par on the table but i 9 times out of 10...
  5. Crossfire

    What's on your nerves today?

    Fedex, the 30 cent increase on Miller products, the impending ice storm due to arrive tonight.
  6. Crossfire

    Seeking driver feedback

    Gave the 2.0 a workout, wasnt a huge fan. Opted to instead go for a 09' Burner TP and shop arround for an ATTAS T2, maybe comes to $100 more, but well worth it.
  7. Crossfire

    Hello again fellas.

    While irrelivent, I feel it should be known to you. I am not a religious person, nor conservative. Unless youve been confronted while being young about being a father, you really cannot understand. I spent atleast a week crying, not knowing what to do. Trading my "life" for having a child. I...
  8. Crossfire

    Hello again fellas.

    Sling, honestly I have alot of respect for you and what youve done with this community ( I would not be a premium member otherwise) But I am very taken aback by your disrespect of my situation. Would you have rather me a deadbeat dad, and change adresses avoiding a child support bill? I really...
  9. Crossfire

    Hello again fellas.

    Daughter was with said fiance. Things happen, I know I would have had a very hard time living with myself after an abortion. I can only imagine what that times 100 would feel like for her. Regardless, were still together but now we really have a greater good in mind. Things seem to be going well...
  10. Crossfire

    Hello again fellas.

    Well I took quite the hiatas from this website. So i figured I'd atleast update everyone who cared. I got enganged. Turned 21. Changed my major to middle school math and science education, doing very well in school. Got unengaged. Started drinking again. Made the tournament team for college...
  11. Crossfire

    Rediculously long hacks?

    Played a quick 9 today with two guys I met, both about 25, decently built frame. They werent very good golfers, but man did these two kill the ball. I guess they were college baseball players, and took up the game somewhat recently. 2nd hole, short par 4, 306 to a creek that splits the fairway...
  12. Crossfire

    Shortened Driver? Sold.

    As for gamecock- Ive never butt trimmed anything but this, and I always double to triple wrap (wedges) my clubs. I went ahead and had this triple wrapped just incase. I dont do this because of feel, but as my miss is usually left. A thicker grip makes it harder to turn the club over. Let me...
  13. Crossfire

    Shortened Driver? Sold.

    I play my 3 wood at 42". I almost never hit it off the tee, if the hole requires a straight drive, I hit it ;) . As far as distance gap goes, I average 280-290 with driver, and 250 with 3-wood (Off the deck). I play my irons .5" short as i am on the short side (5'10) So ive always played...
  14. Crossfire

    Shortened Driver? Sold.

    Ive always played 44.5"-45.5" drivers with good success. Generally hit 10-12 fairways and my misses are slight blocks that end up 5-10 yards off the fairway. Decided to chop my rapture down to 43.75". Amazing. Hit 13/14 today, and my miss was a overshot the landing area and hit into the...
  15. Crossfire

    poor kitty...

    Ive actually been hit BY a deer. Coming home one night, bout 12am or so. Saw some deer in the treeline up ahead, decided I better slow down to be safe. Got down to 10-15mph, and WHAM deer ran right into the side of my car, busted out the back passenger window. He was pretty wounded and I didnt...
  16. Crossfire

    90?..... 90!!??

    90? Comon Ez your better then that. I havent forgotten you and 2fast are taking me and Piper on at Bethpage. If you shoot 90, Your going home with your ID and 3$.
  17. Crossfire

    Very cool golf picture!

    I really want to quote George Carlin and his prick waving contest speel. But I wont. SUX, good swing. Period.
  18. Crossfire

    My swings at long last...

    One of the better swings i've seen on here. Drivers got some huge lateral motion, but if it works for you, tell me to shut up :). 8-iron looks pretty bang on. Good Job, I gotta get mine up here.
  19. Crossfire

    Put a skymark on the new big stick... idiot.

    Now thats impressive. I cant even fathom how thats possible.
  20. Crossfire

    Going back to school at 49

    But at virtual keggers he's 6'2 185 and tan ;)