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  1. trumb1mj


    So I had my lofts and lies checked on my irons and wedges today. I played everything 2* flat of factory and lofts dead on factory. I also have a 56* wedge bent down to 58*. Turns out my 58* wedge had drifted to 61* and several of my irons were off by as much as 2* in loft! After getting...
  2. trumb1mj

    Demo wedges?

    I'm looking for a place to demo wedges (bunker, chipping, pitching) in the Chicagoland area but would travel an hour or 2. Anyone know where you can go to demo wedges?
  3. trumb1mj

    Ball toss drill

    I've been working on getting my shoulders to work together (left turns up, right turns down and stops moving toward the target, right arm releases) and I heard about the "toss the ball" drill. It's very simple and seems pretty stupid but MAN! This drill has helped me immensely. If anyone has...
  4. trumb1mj

    Refurbed Bushnell V3

    Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with refurbished electronics? I'm looking at refurbed V3 on ebay and was wondering if I should stay away. Thanks!
  5. trumb1mj

    Orange whip

    Has anyone ever messed around the orange whip? I've been working with one at golftec and it seems like an awesome way to feel out lag and force you to properly sequence.
  6. trumb1mj

    Winter putting changes

    I ended the season putting worse than I can ever remember. So I decided to blow up my setup. I pulled my heavy putter grip off, cut an inch off, popped a 70g counter weight and a super slim super stroke on. The new setup felt different and much better (new feel, new thoughts) but I had very...
  7. trumb1mj

    For Golf Pride ND Multi Compound grip lovers

    I've been playing the Golf Pride ND Multi Compound grips for a while now and absolutely love them--everything but the price that is. I recently found a Sharpro grip that looked identical and thought, "this knock off can't compare." I reluctantly purchased 10 of these at under $3 a pop. When...
  8. trumb1mj

    Improved my ball striking with this tip...

    I've recently been really struggling to hit GIRs and realized my strength had been struggling--my iron play. I'd been playing the best golf of my life so I sort of ignored this for quite a while but it came to a head when I had 28 putts in a round and shot an 82... I took to the video camera...
  9. trumb1mj

    Perception vs. Reality

    I've been working on fixing my posture at impact and came across this Sean Foley video where he basically explains that hitting "down" on the driver will help most golfers get rid of the falling back move (weight staying back). But as you know, the optimal way to strike the driver is on the...
  10. trumb1mj

    Cutting down my driver

    I've been having some trouble finding the sweet spot with my RBZ tour 10.5 head so I decided to cut down the matrix x-stiff shaft from 45" (D1 sw) to 44.5" (D3 sw). Today was my first range session and I was hitting everything on the screws. I could really feel good compression on all of my...
  11. trumb1mj

    Tour Edge Exotic CB1 16.5* 4w

    Hey guys, I know this club is old but there are several TEE lovers on here so I thought I'd test the waters. Does anyone have a Tour Edge Exotic CB1 16.5* 4w they'd be willing to part with? I really don't care what shaft (if any) it has. Let me know. Thanks!
  12. trumb1mj

    Hogan Apex PCs

    I picked up a set of Hogan Apex PCs (4-E) on craigslist for $50. I'm a huge hogan fan and have wanted an old set of blades forever. They have the Hogan Apex #4 shafts in them. After hitting them yesterday I have to say, they are not as hard to hit as I thought they'd be. I saw similar carry...
  13. trumb1mj

    21* Nike VR Pro Hybrid

    I know this is an older club but I was wondering if anyone played it or tried it. Some of the things that made me want this club was the small head, the lack of offset and the ability to bend this thing to my specs. I want to flatten it 2* and also drop the loft to 20*. I'm always looking...
  14. trumb1mj

    2-man Best Ball (or similar)

    Anyone know of any open to the public 2-man BBs (or similar format) in the Milwaukee area? A buddy and I are looking for a tourny or 2 to play this Summer and I know several are from Wisconsin on this board. Thanks!
  15. trumb1mj

    Titleist 910h hybrid

    I've been looking for a replacement for my adams hybrid because the stock shaft in it was very light and flexy for my swing speed. I found a used titleist 910h 19* with a 90g shaft and this definitely fit the bill. The thing is adjustable too which makes this a perfect gap filler. I...
  16. trumb1mj

    Shaft recommendations

    I increased my swing speed this summer and suddenly my RBZ stock shaft feels like a wet noodle in my hands. Anyone have any recommendations of shafts to try?
  17. trumb1mj

    youtube.com: myswingevolution

    This guys is awesome. In short, he has rebuilt his swing in the last 2 years to model Ben Hogan but there is so much more to it than that. You really need to watch for yourself, but beware, you will become addicted! http://www.youtube.com/user/myswingevolution?feature=watch
  18. trumb1mj

    Passing a group

    This morning I was playing as a solo on the 9 hole track in Chicago. I was even par through 3 holes and hit a beautiful drive on a long, draw biased par 4. When I got to my ball a foursome was on the green. I'm going through some swing changes so I was fine with a little wait while I checked out...
  19. trumb1mj

    Really helpful video

    So I had been struggling with ball striking lately and found this video (bottom of page) to be extremely helpful: http://www.hermanwilliamsgolf.com/impact-finish-golf-swing-distance None of these tips are revolutionary but Herman explains things in a really understandable manner. This was a...
  20. trumb1mj

    Iron lofts

    So I recently went to the Mizuno JPX pros and love them but my yardages were all off. Come to find out I was playing some pretty strong lofted clubs. The first column is the actual loft and the second is what I was thinking of bending them to. Has anyone toyed with their lofts at all? 3i...