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  1. Crossfire

    Hello again fellas.

    Well I took quite the hiatas from this website. So i figured I'd atleast update everyone who cared. I got enganged. Turned 21. Changed my major to middle school math and science education, doing very well in school. Got unengaged. Started drinking again. Made the tournament team for college...
  2. Crossfire

    Rediculously long hacks?

    Played a quick 9 today with two guys I met, both about 25, decently built frame. They werent very good golfers, but man did these two kill the ball. I guess they were college baseball players, and took up the game somewhat recently. 2nd hole, short par 4, 306 to a creek that splits the fairway...
  3. Crossfire

    Shortened Driver? Sold.

    Ive always played 44.5"-45.5" drivers with good success. Generally hit 10-12 fairways and my misses are slight blocks that end up 5-10 yards off the fairway. Decided to chop my rapture down to 43.75". Amazing. Hit 13/14 today, and my miss was a overshot the landing area and hit into the...
  4. Crossfire

    Who knew WBL would be right?

    Well after a week of playing with my new ping clubs, I must say im pleasently suprised. The irons are honestly what i expected, workable, consistant, and decently forgiving. However they don't really blow up my skirt and are comparable to any other iron I hit that is fitted for me. However, the...
  5. Crossfire

    I Swore I;d NEVER.

    Ping Rapture 9* X-flex VS Proto 44.5" Ping S58 Black dot Project X 6.5 :(!
  6. Crossfire

    My journey.

    So, ive come to some sort of realization. Im fat, out of shape, and an alcoholic. First off, havent touched a drink in 6 days. I plan on not drinking a drop untill the 4th, then drinking once every other week. I dont miss it at all. Secondly, I stopped eating like a lard-ass. Clean eating...
  7. Crossfire

    ever had a...?

    Ever had a great round, and you were just appauled at the scorecard afterwards? Played a tough course I dont get around to playing much, hit the ball like a champ and putted close to lights out. I am just baffled at how stupid mistakes can completely trash a round. I honestly hit the ball better...
  8. Crossfire

    Extra Clubs

    Alright, finnally got my extra bag sent up from Florida. Decided to get rid of a few things. Taylormade r7 425 TP 9.5 Stiff Rombax No H/C, 2-2-12-12 weights included along with tool (Need the H/C And TP weight kit for my Gamer) I'd say its rated about a 8/10. I'll take $125 shipped...
  9. Crossfire

    Where did all the old-schoolers go?

    I periodically check-in to troll the forums a bit without ever posting. All i see now is new people arguing, and not the old kind of arguing when we made fun of WBL and Rock :(
  10. Crossfire

    Small selling list.

    Alrighty guys, got some things just taking up room in my extra bag. Bushnell Tour V2 rangefinder w/ pinseeker. Includes case, and a few extra batteries. Works perfectly, no scratches. $225 shipped conus. Macgreggor Mactec 15* 3 wood, Diamana Blueboard 103x flex shaft. No headcover, wood is...
  11. Crossfire

    Happy Birthday Charlesbme88

    :) I figure if you have the exact same birthday as me you must be worth mentioning.
  12. Crossfire

    Must stop buying things when drunk.

    So, after a long hard night of adult beverages. I go to my car to look for my phone, and sitting in the front seat is a Mactec 3 wood with a Diamana BB 103-X. :faintthud
  13. Crossfire

    Rangefinder and bags.

    Alrighty, this really what I have left. Bushnell V2 w/ Pinseeker technology. Includes case and 2 extra batteries. $225 Shipped Ogio Edge stand bag, Navy/white great condition. $110 shipped Taylormade r7 TP staff bag, beat up needs re-zippered and is a tad fadded. Does not have my name on...
  14. Crossfire

    Good deal for you long hitters.

    Alright guys, trying to sell it on ebay but its all guys from South Africa and such. I have a 9.5 Adams Insight XTD With a GD Purple Ice 65X flex. It plays 44.5 and playes to a D7 SW. It does have lead tape on the bottom and can be removed to play w/e you guys want. I do have a SW balance...
  15. Crossfire

    FS: Loads of stuff.

    Adams Insight XTD 9.5 Purple Ice 65X 9/10 h/c included. $135 shipped TEE Tour Proto 9* VS Proto 70S 7/10 top has a ding thats been filled in and hard to notice at address. h/c included. $115 shipped Titleist Vokey SM 56/10 Brand new $60 shipped OGIO Edge stand bag, blue/white 8/10. $110...
  16. Crossfire

    Anybody in Hilton Head right now??

    I happen to be on the island as we speak untill tuesday. I am wondering if anybody is close enough to grab a round? I hate to play as a single and none of my family/friends golf. PM or post here.
  17. Crossfire


    Alright guys, got a few things up for grabs. Adams Insight XTD a3 9.5 with a Purple Ice 65X shaft. Good condition, some white tee marks on the bottom of the black clubhead. h/c included $185 shipped conus Scotty Cameron Circa 62' #1 35" good condition for its age. red grip/h/c $175 shipped...
  18. Crossfire

    Spring Cleaning

    All prices are subject to negotiation, along with accepting decent trade offers. (I need a new shaft, .335 X-Flex, and a 2H) Adams Idea Pro Hybrids & Irons. 3-PW (3&4) Idea Pro Hybrids , 5-PW Pro irons. VS Proto/Black gold S-flex $350 Adams Insight XTD 9.5 Stiff DVS 55 H/C Included $175...
  19. Crossfire

    Need a shaft for a my sumo

    Guys, I need a new shaft for my Sumo SQ 5000 (Round). Currently it has a stock shaft and that just doesnt work for me. You guys have any suggestions? Most of you know me and my game. I dont have my #'s for this new driver, but im a high swing speed player with a now pretty smooth transition...
  20. Crossfire

    Might be out of a job.

    Well, as some of you may have noticed I havent been around. I became an assistant pro at a course here, and have been pulling 60+ hour weeks. However, There is rumor in the air that the course will be no longer in need of staff. Anybody know of a place that is in need of a PGA Level 1...