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  1. EnglishGolfer

    Haye Vs Ruiz

    What's the interest like over your side of the water? Not a bad fight 6 rounds in although Ruiz is like a lump of granite.
  2. EnglishGolfer

    Can anyone recomend a website for individual clubs?

    The only site I've managed to find is ironfinder.com and it doesn't have what i'm after. My mate had his 7 iron nicked ages ago and even the mighty Ebay hasn't had a 7iron Nike Slingshot for sale that we've noticed in the last 6 months (oddly it has had loads of 6 irons for some reason)
  3. EnglishGolfer

    How do I choose the correct shaft?

    I finally hold my hands up, I know nothing about shafts, to me they're either graphite or steel, regular or stiff (old school! :D). What I need to know is is there a scientific way to assess which shaft you should select? I don't want any guesswork, just cold hard facts so I can have no excuses...
  4. EnglishGolfer

    Idiots get comeuppance

    Yobs Floored By Cage Fighters In Drag Video - Yahoo! News UK what clowns
  5. EnglishGolfer

    crap swing advice

    There is a chap that I work with who has been for 12 years and always will be off 28 handicap as he's the most uncoordinated person on Earth. However, he insists on giving me swing advice even though I know for a fact I will shoot between 20 & 30 shots less than him over 18 holes. At first I...
  6. EnglishGolfer

    I just can't win!

    I've been playing for 22 years and in all that time I can tell you exactly how many rounds I've had where everything clicked................... once! Generally, as I suppose it would be with most amateurs, either my short game or my ball striking lets me down and one some dark days, both do...
  7. EnglishGolfer

    Stargate Universe

    I just started here last night with a double bill and I was wondering what you think of it as I presume you are well ahead of us backward UK folk. I think there is potential for it but it seems like a rather slow starter and I'm hoping it picks up. I'm also wondering how they are going to...
  8. EnglishGolfer

    Banned books

    I just read the story on the BBC website about the most banned books in America, I can understand why the top one is banned given the age group it is aimed a, but why "His Dark Materials"? These are some of the best books I've ever read, there's nothing offensive in them. Has anybody read them...
  9. EnglishGolfer

    Anyone heard of Tim Larkin the martial arts bloke?

    He's over here at the mo' causing quite a stir regarding his policy of teaching, quite literally, deadly defence techniques to members of the public. The one thing that the media is particularly picking up on is the "kill a man in 4 moves" thing which sounds odd, but there must be more to it...
  10. EnglishGolfer


    Who are the best comedians over there atm? I've started looking into more lesser known comedians over here and I'm finding some very funny people who are very cheap to go and watch, so I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of any particularly good US performers to view online...
  11. EnglishGolfer

    I'm giving away a set of brand new Mizuno irons

    OK not strictly me, but Mizuno are giving them away to a member of my group on facebook Mizuno - Nobody makes finer irons in golf. | Facebook Anyone is welcome to join as I've mentioned before on here (with Sling's permission, don't worry!). Mizuno get in touch every now and then and offer...
  12. EnglishGolfer

    Good News / Bad News

    Good News : I had my third round of the whole year and hit 10 out of 14 fairways from the tee (good distance too) and 13 out of 18 G.I.R. :) Bad News : Still ended up +11. :( I had two bad holes that I double bogeyed, but the rest was just the most depressing putting you've ever seen, not even...
  13. EnglishGolfer

    I need ideas

    I'm in desperate need of some inspiration from somewhere for a business I can set up on my own. I don't need to become a millionaire, I just want to earn enough to live on, but here is the big obstacle, I'm not a specialist at one particular thing. I'm not a handy person so that stuff is out of...
  14. EnglishGolfer

    Luckiest ever hole in one?

    YouTube - Leif Olson amazing hole in one sorry if already posted by others
  15. EnglishGolfer

    TV coverage UK Vs US

    I wish the BBC covered every golf tournament astheir coverage is just superb. I find with US TV coverage they focus far too heavily on putts and statistics, I'd much rather see full shots, recovery shots etc. Also the beeb have started concentrating more on swing techniques by showing different...
  16. EnglishGolfer

    16 y.o amateur in The Open

    Matteo Manassero, what a player and at such a young age!
  17. EnglishGolfer

    Most popular irons on various tours

    How can I find out what the above are? Thanks
  18. EnglishGolfer

    do you look like anyone famous?

    on my local football team forum this went down pretty well as people posted pics of other users and their famous lookalikes, granted that they were rarely flattering but it was fun nonetheless (countless Shreks ;-). I was told by some very inebriated people at the weekend that I look like some...
  19. EnglishGolfer

    Ian Poulter on Twitter

    Is anyone else following him? The insight it gives you is incredible, he is updating it with pictures of lies that he has, pics from the club house of wet through players and loads of chat about what he's thinking about the course and conditions etc. He even gave away two tickets he had spare to...
  20. EnglishGolfer

    My most recent game

    I don't get many chances to play these days, but once a year I play this gem of a course, Porthmadog in Wales.