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  1. VA Park Ranger

    Who is the a $$?

    Here are a few relevant local rules at the 9 hole municipal course I play at Singles may be paired up when crowded Slower players should allow faster players to play through All play must start from the Number 1 tee. No more than 4 players allowed per group Players starting on shall have...
  2. VA Park Ranger

    new golf terms

    Ok i lifted these, but thought a few were funny as hell. New golf terms Some new golf terms to use when you're out on the course... A 'Rock Hudson' - a putt that looked straight, but wasn't. A 'Saddam Hussein' - from one bunker into another. A 'Yasser Arafat' - butt ugly and in the sand. A...
  3. VA Park Ranger

    This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

    I've always liked this song, never came across this version until today.
  4. VA Park Ranger

    Holly Sonders off of Golf Channel?

    Is this true? If so,WHY? I used to dvr Playing Lessons from the Pros just to see her. The replacement is hot, but not Holly Sonders hot!
  5. VA Park Ranger

    117 rounds this year

    117 rounds in 2014. Walked all of them. Over 702 miles. Was on track to break 80 today, f--ed up the last 3 holes and shot a 81 . Goal for 2015 id breaking 80. Im almost there
  6. VA Park Ranger

    Bombtech Grenade driver?

    Anyone seen hit or own one of these?
  7. VA Park Ranger

    Grip tape that activates with soapy water?

    Has anyone used this? IMO it sucks. I mixed up the soapy water, then tried to stick the grip on. What a PITA the soapy water made the grip so slick you couldn't slide it. After finally getting it on, about 3,weeks later, and the center of the grip is loose. Ends are stuck, but the middle...
  8. VA Park Ranger

    Good to see fellow shottalker extermeVFT03 out today

    We didnt get to play together, but it was good to see extermeVFT03 out at The Farmville Municipal Golf Course today. Got to watch a plane crash and everything! It was a Christmas miracle!
  9. VA Park Ranger

    Golf as a life saver?

    IDK if I posted something along these lines before, I checked my past post, and found that I had not to the best of my knowledge. Not to go too far into my background, but it has been checkered at best. I've had a bad marriage, a bad breakup, alcohol, shitty girlfriends, and have raised my...
  10. VA Park Ranger

    big bertha irons?

    At 1,000 a set, what are your thoughts? Ive got a set of x hots, these things seem like a whole new game?
  11. VA Park Ranger

    GDFSP.... ex is 1200 behind

    1,200 back on child support. Hard to keep my gear in respectable condition when I can't get my baby daddy money;). Need some balls, a wedge and a green tool.
  12. VA Park Ranger

    Plantar Fascitis

    Does anyone have this? It basically hurts like hell for your first 3 or 4 minutes you are on your feet every morning, intermittently during the day, and flares when you sit down for a while and then get back up. It is killing me and making me not want to play golf. DOC says it will wear...
  13. VA Park Ranger

    golf galaxy customer service?

    Took my first trip to Golf Galaxy this week. I was all excited since there is not anything like that around where I live, and I was visiting my parents who live 10 minutes from one. I was looking for a push pull cart as the wheels have been worn from my 2 wheeler and I needed a replacement...
  14. VA Park Ranger

    Django Unchained?

    Has anyone seen Django Unchaned? I just finished watching it and have to say it was one of the best movies I have ever seen.
  15. VA Park Ranger

    wiffle balls?

    Does anyone use wiffle balls to practice with? Ive been for a while, and just didn't know if anyone had thoughts about their effectiveness? For me it tends to make me slow down a little, not a bad thing I think. I feel they definitely show your slices and hooks, and you can tell a good hit...
  16. VA Park Ranger

    I might have F-@@ed up

    I bought a set of x-hot irons on e-bay, 5-sw. After I had the highest bid, I realized that they were senior flex, was looking for regular (GDFSP). Well, they came today. Im not sure about the senior flex? I have like 85 to 90 swing speed, swung them around a little, and they fealt really...
  17. VA Park Ranger

    good bag for 2 wheeled cart?

    Looking for a good bag to go on 2 wheel pull cart. I like sun mountai c130, but it looks like they only work well with sun mountain carts. I currently have a Callaway stand bag strapped to the cart. Any thoughts on this one? Amazon.com: OGIO Crush Golf Bag, Black Tech: Sports & Outdoors...
  18. VA Park Ranger

    60* wedge has been grounded permanently.

    Took it out and switched to a 1970's era wilson staff tour blade. Ive had that club since I was about 14. It is so worn out, you can hardly read the writing on it, and it has like 4 pieces of lead tape on the back. Swithching back to that has probably saved me 10 strokes on 18. Whatever...
  19. VA Park Ranger

    callaway hex control balls?

    Does anyone use these? It is a private costco label, like 30 dollars, for 24 which is pretty affordable. I bought a 24 pack and am liking them in the warmer weather. Lady Precepts, or, Noodle longmand softs, in the winter, but theese might be my new summer ball. Any experience or thoughts on...
  20. VA Park Ranger

    Putting while playing alone

    So for you people like me that play solo frequently, I have a question. When putting, do you pull the flag or leave it in? I almost always leave it in, just for speed. However, I wonder, if leaving the pin in hurts me putting? While I never ping one off of the side, I some times feel that I...