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  1. West Coast Duffer

    New Titleist Tour Prestige Ball

    They are made for big box stores like Dicks or Costco. never tried them, I think my dad has some.
  2. West Coast Duffer

    so, Nickent is toast?

    Poor resale value if you try and unload something.
  3. West Coast Duffer


    Glad I unloaded mine last year when it was still worth a little.
  4. West Coast Duffer

    Tiger vs. The Field 2009 Masters

    Phillip Mickleson.
  5. West Coast Duffer

    Victory for Tiger???

    Wasn't Ohair supposed to be a hot rookie when he came out?
  6. West Coast Duffer

    Victory for Tiger???

    I think if anything O'hair choked big time 3 over.
  7. West Coast Duffer

    Potential first round of 09...

    Good luck. been playing all year round here.
  8. West Coast Duffer

    Anyone interested in a ball testing swap?

    I shipped 2 dz via usps standard parcel ground and they charged me $9 bucks.
  9. West Coast Duffer

    Golf fix w/ Michael Breed

    all his tips are really nothing new. maybe if he slowed it down and focused on a few good tips only and in to more detail.
  10. West Coast Duffer

    R9 TP arrived

    Then we can have the R11 after that about a month later.
  11. West Coast Duffer

    R9 TP arrived

    Everything ive heard about these are that they are not as long as previous models.
  12. West Coast Duffer

    Shaft suggestions for Ft-i

    Yup exactly what everybody else said, get the LCG FTi cheap! For me it kind of launches the same just flattens out and doesn't balloon like the regular Fti and carries forever. I also fight a fade semi slice sometimes and I play a neutral head and hit it well, I wouldn't get the draw version...
  13. West Coast Duffer

    I think I've got a swing coach

    Damn Ezra you just saved me a golf lesson, played around yesterday at the golf shop flattening my swing and I was smoking everything! It was nice to pure the Cobra Pro CBs. Crap now I have to go buy a set.
  14. West Coast Duffer

    I just drank the kool-aid...

    I have a 8.5 LCG Ozik and kill it.
  15. West Coast Duffer

    Are Project X 6.0s too stiff?

    If you normally play S300s are 6.0 kind of stiff or are they ok? I hear it just all depends on how you load the shaft.
  16. West Coast Duffer

    Overated clubs and bad photos on Ebay

    Its hard to see good detail of a clubs condition unless you take a really good picture out doors.
  17. West Coast Duffer

    Overated clubs and bad photos on Ebay

    I dont have one specifically but ive seen quite a bit lately.
  18. West Coast Duffer

    Overated clubs and bad photos on Ebay

    been seeing lots of clubs way overrated by the sellers and crappy fuzzy pictures or no closeups.
  19. West Coast Duffer

    Annika's prego...

    She looks really good in those wedding photos they show, I hate when the golf channel uses old college pictures or whatever they are when they show their stats or talk about them.
  20. West Coast Duffer

    Absolute minimun number of clubs...

    this could work pretty well for me.