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  1. Hoganman1

    The AT&T at Pebble Beach

    I watched most of the final round yesterday and it was very entertaining. The win was literally up for grabs until the final putt. I did feel sorry for Nate Lashley. He was playing well and had a wreck on the 16th hole. My question for the forum is why do you think so many of the top ranked...
  2. Hoganman1

    Golf Equipment Idiosyncrasies

    What are your idiosyncrasies when it come to your golf equipment. I think most of us have them. I suffer from a mild case of OCD and it shows when one looks in my bag. For instance, all my fairway woods have to be the same brand and model. My headcovers have to be generic with only numbers and...
  3. Hoganman1


    I was thrilled to see Garcia win today. I know he is controversial at times because of his behavior, but I still like him. It was his first win in the US since the 2017 Masters. I actually didn't realize he has had at least one worldwide win for the last ten years. Hopefully he can contend at...
  4. Hoganman1

    Best Ball for Wet Fairways

    I usually play the Pro-V-1. Although I'm a senior and distance challenged, I like how it performs around the green. As cooler (and wetter) weather approaches I'm thinking a different ball might help me get a few more yards off the tee without sacrificing too much feel on and around the greens...
  5. Hoganman1

    Stono Ferry Golf Club

    This course is about ten miles South of Charleston in Hollywood SC. It's a beautiful tract and quite challenging. Unfortunately, we had to start on #10 so we faced the teeth of the course early. It was wet and very windy so it really kicked our butts. I'm a 10 hdcp and I shot 92. I really want...
  6. Hoganman1

    The Tour Championship

    Does anyone else not like the Tour Championship format? It seems like they change the FedEx Cup every year. I used to like the tournament because I love East Lake and having only 30 players is kind of cool. However, when they went to the thing where the number one point guy starts at ten under...
  7. Hoganman1

    Ping G400 Driver

    I realize this driver is "old news" now that the G410 has been out for awhile, but I just got mine in May. It's the best driver I've found in many years. As a club fanatic I've tried several over the last five years trying to get back some of the distance I've lost through injury and aging. I...
  8. Hoganman1

    Golf Fan Major Grand Slam

    Do any of you have a career golf fan Grand Slam? Meaning have you attended at least one each of the four major championships. I've attended all but The Open. I've been to four US Opens (one at Oakland Hills in Michigan and three at Pinehurst here in NC). I've seen three PGAs (one at Atlanta...
  9. Hoganman1

    Ping G400 Fairways

    OK, I swore I was done buying equipment for awhile, but here I go again. Since getting my Ping G400 driver in May, I've been researching the matching fairway woods (3, 5 and 7). The STF versions look really good to me and the lofts seem user friendly. I'm currently playing the TM 2017 M2...
  10. Hoganman1

    Doug Sanders

    I saw where Doug Sanders died yesterday. He was a contemporary of Arnold Palmer and Gary Player for those that are not familiar with him. He was a very colorful guy and a great player. He had twenty wins on the PGA Tour, but no majors. He did finish second in four majors from 1959 to 1970. The...
  11. Hoganman1

    Ping G25 Driver

    I posted a couple of months ago about my new 12* TM M6 driver which replaced a 10.5* Callaway Rogue. Well, while I had early success I found it really didn't consistently improve my driving. Also I didn't really pick up any distance off the tee. Out of frustration I pulled out my old 10.5 Ping...
  12. Hoganman1

    Re-shafting Steel irons with graphite

    I know years ago this didn't work very well, but I'm wondering if it's easier today. I play a set of 2017 Taylormade M2 irons with Reax 88 HL steel shafts. As I just turned 70 and have occasional arthritis pain, I'm considering having them re-shafted with graphite. Is this a good idea and what...
  13. Hoganman1

    Best Way to Get Out of a Slump

    I'm a senior player that used to have a single digit index (7.5). About two years ago a pinched nerve in my neck and a right rotator cuff tear temporarily derailed my game. By making some swing changes and relying more on my chipping and putting I managed to get back to showing some semblance...
  14. Hoganman1

    The Taylormade M4

    I seem to get new driver fever this time every year. Maybe because I usually stay a couple of generations back and the OEMs usually introduce their latest and greatest in January. Also, I'm hoping for something that will give me a few more yards on cold wet fairways. Anyway, I'm interested in...
  15. Hoganman1

    Taylormade M2 (2017) Hosel Adjustments

    Does anyone know what the tick marks between + or- 2 and standard are on an M2? I read somewhere they are .4 and .6. If so, that means a 10.5 driver can be adjusted to 10.9, 11.1, or 12.5. Surely that is not correct. All the other OEMs have ticks at 1* apart.
  16. Hoganman1

    Standard Loft versus Effective Loft

    I tried this question on another site and got zero responses. So hopefully I'll get one or two here. I'm currently playing a Callaway XR16 10.5* loft set at +2 with good results. However, I'm thinking of getting a Taylormade M2 2017 (I have the fairways and they're great). Should I look at a 12*...
  17. Hoganman1

    Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue vs Fujikura Vista Pro

    I have a Vista Pro 55R shaft in my Callaway XR16 driver and it works pretty well. However, I love to tinker and I'm thinking of trying a heavier, higher launching shaft. My research tells me the ProLaunch Blue 65R might work better. Does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks
  18. Hoganman1

    Steel Shafted Fairway Metals

    After 50 years of playing golf I've finally come to the realization that my swing works better with heavier clubs. I've always preferred steel shafted irons even as I've aged, but like everyone else I've been playing (or trying to play) the light graphite shafted fairways that are the norm...
  19. Hoganman1

    Brand New Member

    Hello fellow golfers, I just joined and look forward to reading and posting. I'm on a few other sites, but looking for something new. I'm a club tinkerer so I'll be asking lots of equipment questions and looking for expert advice.