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  1. West Coast Duffer

    Are Project X 6.0s too stiff?

    If you normally play S300s are 6.0 kind of stiff or are they ok? I hear it just all depends on how you load the shaft.
  2. West Coast Duffer

    Overated clubs and bad photos on Ebay

    been seeing lots of clubs way overrated by the sellers and crappy fuzzy pictures or no closeups.
  3. West Coast Duffer

    What wedge do you use for hitting out of bunker?

    What wedge do you use for hitting out of Greenside bunker? Ive gotten pretty good at using my 60-08 out of the trap. What does everybody else use when hitting out of a greenside trap.
  4. West Coast Duffer

    How many degrees can a Ping iron be bent?

    Can a Ping Iron be bent 3*? I read Ping wll do it for free if you send it to them but I'm looking to see how much they can bend them upright. Fouund a good on the bay but they are too flat for me.
  5. West Coast Duffer

    Anybody experience distance loss between DG and PX

    I seem to have lost a club length in distance going from AP2s with PX 5.5 to Srixon I-506 S300. Could the launch of these two different shafts be that much, I know the PX are high launch and the DG are low.
  6. West Coast Duffer

    Got an offer to end Ebay Auction early. Possible Scam?

    Got a buy it now offer on an item i just listed for some irons. Seems rather quick for an offer. Possible Scam?
  7. West Coast Duffer

    Well what yah know. Taylor Made R7 Limited price drop.

    Price drop $299. Golfsmith.com: Golf store
  8. West Coast Duffer

    Selling on Craigslist. Anybody try?

    looking to unload some stuff locall and trying to avoid Ebay. Does Craigslist workout ok?
  9. West Coast Duffer

    Anybody still gaming a FT-3 or know someone who is?

    Picked one up cheap. I hear they are great drivers still.
  10. West Coast Duffer

    Anybody try Puma shoes?

    Found some Pumas on the clearance rack here at a local shop for 59 bucks. Not really my style but wanted some feedback on them. http://shop.pgatoursuperstore.com/pm-6593-186-pg-gtx-cr-golf-shoes.aspx
  11. West Coast Duffer

    Guy next to me had a full bag of Square Simpac clubs

    Started hitting balls and noticed the guy next to me basically had a full staff bag full of these Simpac Square clubs, they were bright white and he was smoking them pretty good. simpac
  12. West Coast Duffer

    Muncho Caliente!

    Its been crazy warm here. hit a record high of 88* here in Southern California. Too bad winds have been gusting 20+mph.
  13. West Coast Duffer

    New Clevaland Lineup, CG7 and Monster

    Cleveland Golf - CG7 IRONS I think I like these CG7s better than the previous models but still not my cup of tea. And the Monster well not really impressed, kind of looks 2nd hand.
  14. West Coast Duffer

    Anybody want some antique clubs only $155K

    RARE 1700s Wood Shaft Golf Club - eBay (item 350137265273 end time Feb-05-09 12:56:59 PST) A little out of my price range.
  15. West Coast Duffer

    Balls on Sale at Target.

    Picked up 2dz NXT Tours for 14 each. they had the Extremes also but wasn't interested in those. They also had Cally HX tours for like 37. I think I've seen those cheaper before and selection varies by store.
  16. West Coast Duffer

    How many hats, caps, visors do you have?

    Was wondering around the shop looking at hats and realized I have too many Fricken hats already. 12 hats, 9 visors. Not all golf related but i do use hats from sports teams on the course.
  17. West Coast Duffer

    New Big Break Commerical Prince Edward Island Lots of Hotties

    Looks like the new show should be interesting with 100k on the line and lots of hotties, one is even a model.
  18. West Coast Duffer

    OK who here wears white golf pants.

    I see lots of pros wearing them but don't ever recall seeing anybody in person wear them on the coarse. I'm thinking about getting some but damn I get regular pants all muddy and dirty.
  19. West Coast Duffer

    Was Rocco gaming a Diablo?

    I only saw a few bits of the Skins and saw him hitting something I didn't recognize. He also had a Cally/Diablo hat.
  20. West Coast Duffer

    Buick to end sponsorship with Tiger Woods.

    MAGIC/76ERS 7PM/ET GM to halt nine-year endorsement deal with Woods Associated Press Nov 24, 2008 DETROIT -- General Motors Corp. said Monday it is ending its nine-year endorsement deal with golf superstar Tiger Woods as the automaker continues to cut expenses and hoard cash while trying to...