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  1. titleistman66

    DMV Golfers

    Anyone in the DMV want to get a little group going? I need more people to play with. Maybe try to organize a tourney or two.
  2. titleistman66

    Osama is dead.

    Hot damn.
  3. titleistman66


    So me and a coworker played some nassau today. It was my first time, I was a little nervous. Didn't know what he meant by "press" or any of that, but apparently I caught on well. He's a much better player than me, and I got 7 strokes overall, 3 on the front 4 on the back. I won the front nine 3...
  4. titleistman66

    Hole In One

    Had my first hole in one today! The 183 yard par 3 at my home course, #14. Hit a 6 iron, high fade landed 6 ft in front of the hole, and rolled right in. =)))
  5. titleistman66

    A Small Rant

    Hey guys. I work at a golf course now, at the grill. Been working there a few weeks. Just wanted to let you all know that everyone who regularly tips the boys working the grill, even for just a beer on tap or a bag of chips, that is all very very greatly appreciated. That being said, if you ever...
  6. titleistman66

    What did you shoot today?

    Hey folks, I just searched the forum and was surprised to find no "what did you shoot today?" thread!! :wow:So here it is! Post your scores, and if you feel necessary go into detail about the good, bad, and the ugly shoots of the day. I'll start it off: Scores: 6 5 3 5 3 6 6 4 4 (42) 5 3 5 4 6...
  7. titleistman66

    iPods on the course?

    So, I woke up early this morning, without being grumpy, for the first time in ages. I turn on the TV, and I must have rolled over on the remote last night, because the classical music channel was on. It's got me wondering, since there are so many studies saying that classical music benefits the...
  8. titleistman66

    New from MD, DC area.

    Hey guys, I just joined the community today, been looking for another online forum for quite some time, used to visit another very frequently. I played golf through middle and high school, stopped for a few years, and I'm now getting back into it as a college freshman, with big aspirations. Golf...