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  1. lilhellmaker17

    Coke Reward Points

    Does anyone have any mycokerewards.com codes they would like to donate if they are not using? It would be very appreciated. -Jaden
  2. lilhellmaker17

    WTT: Stuff for Balls/Putter

    I have a some stuff I want to trade for some balls and/or a putter...odyssey to anything. Looking to trade or sell the following items: Callaway Diablo 18*N Wood - Stock Shaft, used for about 4-5 rounds - 9/10 - 110 shipped Bridgetone J33 Combo iron heads 3-PW, used for two seasons, low irons...
  3. lilhellmaker17

    WITB: Lilhellmaker17

    Bag: Titleist X-86 Yellow/Charcoal/Blue Driver: Callaway Diablo 10N Stiff DVS 3 wood: Nike SQ2 round 15* Fuji VistaPro 90 Stiff 5 wood: Callaway Diablo 18N Stiff DVS Irons Bridgestone J33 Combo Rifle 6.0 Wedges: Titleist Vokey 56*SM/ Cleveland CG14 60* Putter: Lux Custom Grips: Golf...
  4. lilhellmaker17

    Cannot stop being late!!

    I have not been able to see the left rough or fairway in the last 2 months with a driver. I am constantly pushing the ball off the tee that will than turn into a slice. I am getting late with my hands which leads me to try to use my body which makes me flare open with an open clubface causing a...
  5. lilhellmaker17

    Lesson Learned

    Well I learned a lesson I should never forget. I just got a new X-Forged 60* wedge and was playing it for maybe the 4th time yesterday at high school practice. I had a 80 yard shot into a green over a lake and hit the ball to about 5 feet, but the head of my wedge landed in the lake..oh great...
  6. lilhellmaker17

    February Swings

    Here are some swings in my basement. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-RkZKYdv7w...feature=channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlriVvo-90Y...feature=channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dpfm-F27R90...feature=channel...
  7. lilhellmaker17

    My frozen Tuesday Night

    Well here in South Jersey it is 30* and snowing hard. Instead of being your typical teenager and doing homework and than making a snowman, I decided to play golf...sort of. We have about 3-4 inches of snow, and i thought to myself why not make a snow bunker to practice hitting the ball first...
  8. lilhellmaker17

    My GOLFSWING...Version 2

    Well it was 50* in New Jersey today and I was out of school by 10 due to exams...so I played golf today! Here are a couple updated swings. Please critique! YouTube - jan golf swing YouTube - jan golf swing Jaden
  9. lilhellmaker17

    White Ferrules, Where art thou found?

    I have checked every where and can not find any white ferrules. DOes anyone on here no where to get some without buying a huge minimum order? Jaden
  10. lilhellmaker17


    Please take a look at my swing and analyze the plus and minus please! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-yLPH0mJy8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWb3-vdvarE Jaden
  11. lilhellmaker17


    4-3 game 5 Series - 4-1 MVP: Cole Hamels About damn time Philly won something
  12. lilhellmaker17

    Bridgestone J33 Combo

    On a whim I bought Bridgestone J33 Combo with S300 sensicore in excellent cond. and the guy includeda J33 airmuscle with an NV in it. All for 170 shipped. How are these irons though? I am curious about the transition from cavity blade. If any of you have these or the air muscle please chime in...
  13. lilhellmaker17

    WTB: .355 taper tip shaft

    Hey...do any of you have any .355 taper tip stiff pulls you're looking to ditch cheap? thanks Jaden
  14. lilhellmaker17


    Just looking for a nice set of blades. Thanks, Jaden
  15. lilhellmaker17

    Nike Factory Store - Lancaster, Pa

    We are planning to go to the Nike Factory Store and outlets in Lancaster tomorrow. I should be playing in a tournament tomorrow but broke my wrist last week. Is it worth going? We are two hours away so if it is not worth it we will not go and go somewhere else. DO they have a decent golf...
  16. lilhellmaker17

    14 Sticks of Pain

    Here is my WITB 2008. Enjoy Driver: Nike SQ 4950 9.5* UST Proforce AXIVCore 1700 S Fairway Wood: Taylormade Burner 18* SK Fiber Tour Trac 80S Hybrid: Nickent 3DX DC 23* UST SR2 R Irons: Wlater Hagen Signature Series Forged Blades 3-PW TT DGLITE XL Stiff Wedges: Maltby M-Series Forged 53* bent...
  17. lilhellmaker17

    What SHould Happen?

    I don't know if this is in the right section but....I'm 15 and I go to a golf camp at my local club. We just got done playing, and I am sitting in a chair with my bag behind the chair talking to the pro about his vacation. This younger kid about 10 or 9 takes my new Lux putterout of my bag...
  18. lilhellmaker17

    Ball Bearing Putter

    When Fore Inventors Only was on TGC, my dad said to me "what about an anser style putter with ball bearings on the bottom so you do not stub a putt?" I thought it would be a great idea, but is it legal? Has anyone thought of this before or seen one? Jaden
  19. lilhellmaker17

    The glory of a coverless golfball.

    Today when I was playing at Indian Spring golf club in Marlton NJ I had my first hole out. I'm 14 and go to the junior camp they have. We are on the 13th hole which is a short 150 yard par 3 over water. I hit my ball right at the pin but short into fescue grass. I look in the water and see a...
  20. lilhellmaker17

    .370 tip adapter

    Hey, I just got a Nickent 3DX 3+ utility. I would like to change the shaft to 43'' inches longer and around 90-95 grams. Is there an adapter to make a shaft .370 from .350 or .335. Second, Is there a shaft you would reccomend for a mid to high launch, not too pricey. Thanks, Jaden