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  1. cabinessence

    Michelle Wie disqualified

    You know....I thought things couldn't get any worse for this girl (woman). But they did. ESPN - Wie fails to sign scorecard, gets disqualified from State Farm - Golf "Wie failed to sign her scorecard after Friday's second round." WHAT!?!?!? How do you "fail to sign" a scorecard? Didn't her...
  2. cabinessence

    Quickest way to shave shots

    I mentioned this in the single-digit thread. In terms of time put in, and results gotten out, it has to be chipping. The goal is to avoid thinned chips and, especially, chili dips. These errors will almost always cost the player a full stroke, or more--you are usually in just as bad a...
  3. cabinessence

    Dumbest Column Ever

    This has to take the cake, from ESPN's esteemed Pat Forde. ESPN - Mickelson's mettle will be tested at 108th U.S. Open - Columnist "When Phil Mickelson jabs a tee into the Torrey Pines turf Thursday morning, he should know and understand the truth: This is his moment. If he doesn't win the...
  4. cabinessence

    Ryder/Presidents Cup proposal

    Rather, it has nothing to do with either one -- but there should be a three-year cycle of U.S. vs. Europe, U.S. vs. International, and Europe vs. International. This would stop the American players from whining about having to play a team competition every year, whet the appetite of both...
  5. cabinessence

    Southern Hills bunkers

    I want to give a HUGE thumbs up for the grainy sand at Southern Hills. Those poor babies, they can't just slam it out of every bunker with a bunch of spin. Let's see more of the same.
  6. cabinessence

    Boo Weekley

    Is he for real? That press conference was crazy.
  7. cabinessence

    Getting the most out of a practice round

    Any tips? I have one coming up on Sunday.
  8. cabinessence

    Breaking from right to left

    Why to TV announcers insists on saying "right to left"? Just say the putt breaks left. I've never heard anyone on a golf course say that a putt breaks "left to right," it breaks right.
  9. cabinessence

    Romero at 17

    WHAT THE F******* WHAT IS HE DOING??? :hunter::hunter::hunter:
  10. cabinessence

    July 4th

    What's everyone doing tomorrow? I have the day off and may try to weasel my way onto Harding Park in the morning as a single.
  11. cabinessence

    Worst shots by a Tour player

    Greg Kraft chunk Lorena Ochoa, 18th hole, 2005 US Open At the 1998 Masters I saw Jose Maria Olazabal skank a low duck hook into the trees about 150 yards out on #11. If I had hit that shot I would have vomited. I also seem to remember someone else almost chunking away a tournament around the...
  12. cabinessence

    Going low

    OK, so I'm starting to play well again and old man par is proving a bit of a challenge. Today I got to 1 under after 4 -- next hole, bogey. Back to 1 under after 9 -- next hole, double (although it would probably have been a bogey except for a rogue cart path). I ended up at +2 for 15 holes...
  13. cabinessence

    Thinking of selling Ping G2 irons

    I've never sold clubs before -- how should I go about doing this? How much can I expect to get?
  14. cabinessence

    Tiger is jacked this week

    Has he been this huge in the past? Whoever his personal trainer is could make a lot of money selling his wares to the public...although I'm sure Tiger only works with him/her because they keep their traps shut, and pays accordingly.
  15. cabinessence

    Me hitting a 3/4 wedge

    You guys might recognize the location :laugh: Send big files the easy way with sendspace. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!
  16. cabinessence

    Johnny Miller

    I think the guy is a national treasure. He was on PTI yesterday and Kornheiser ended the segment with "whoa! How about Johnny Miller!" I can't wait to hear his commentary on Sunday.
  17. cabinessence

    My last six holes today

    Bogey (from 120 yards in the middle of the fairway) Birdie Double bogey Birdie Bogey Birdie :hunter:
  18. cabinessence

    US Open - winning score?

    Every year the players moan and groan about how tough the course is and this is no exception. Here are the winning scores since 1999: -1, -12 Tiger/+3 everyone else, -4, -3, -8, -4, E, +5 It's raining in Pittsburgh today, so I'm thinking +1 or +2. US Open scores at Oakmont: 1994: 279 (Els)...
  19. cabinessence

    My new clubs!!!

    I'm picking them up from FedEx tomorrow! Callaway 3 wood, forget which but I absolutely ripped it Nickent 19*, replace the TM Rescue with horrible draw bias Titleist 755, 4-PW, TT DG superlite Cleveland 588, 51* These are my first new irons since the DCI 962s were new back in the 90s...
  20. cabinessence

    US Amateur qualifying

    Well it was probably a waste of money, but I just registered for Diablo CC on August 6. First tournament since walking on to my college team! At the very least it will get me working on my game again. Anyone else trying to qualify?