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  1. Esox

    Why are we on Mars?

    Prometheus was a very good film. We're not "on" Mars, and we should be. As in some sort of habitat. We should also be mining asteroids. It's long past time we got our asses out in space. Kevin
  2. Esox

    Practice makes better.

    Thanks for asking. She won three times last Summer. She took second place in the State Junior Match Play losing on the 19th hole to one of the top five players in the state. Finished 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 6th, and 7th in other big high school events. Was 6th in a really good field early in the year...
  3. Esox

    Practice makes better.

    Oh, I get it around. Too short off the tee, but decent with the short irons when I get them in my hands. Kevin
  4. Esox

    Practice makes better.

    I've spent most of the last three golf seasons following my daughter around golf courses in WI and IL. That little ten year old in my avatar is now 15 and a low single digit 'cap. Plays a lot of tournament golf. I post a few other places. I open up ShotTalk once in a while and take a peak...
  5. Esox

    Practice makes better.

    I like to practice. Did too little of it this year. Just joined a new club for next season that has an unbelievable practice facility. I hope to spend a lot time using it.
  6. Esox

    MorningStar Golf Course

    Glad to hear it. They've had a lot of problems through the years. They can be really frustrating because they break about half as much as you think they will, and they never did hold well. The course was built in an old quarry, and there's a distinct lack of top soil under both the fairways...
  7. Esox

    MorningStar Golf Course

    I was member at Morningstar for 8 years. It's a fun course. You get used to playing away from the bunkers. I loved the place because of the roll you get in the fairways. Made me feel like a big hitter. I moved to a very different kind of course so my daughter could be a in junior program...
  8. Esox

    My break away from golf

    I've spent a lot of time in Westfield. Usually drunk. I'm glad a wolf didn't find me laying in a gutter. Kevin
  9. Esox

    Good thoughts/prayer request

    Great to hear things went well. Anything medical with your child is pretty scary. Kevin
  10. Esox

    An Interesting Argument

    "When all outlaws are gunned, only guns will have outlaws." Wilt Chamberlain. "A handgun without bullets is a meat tenderizer. I'd rather shoot my way to freedom. Just ask the French." Julia Child. "It is every American's right to own and bear arms to protect himself, his family, his...
  11. Esox

    My newest gear addition

    Good for you and your wife. Much better than a stupid golf club. Kevin
  12. Esox

    NFL draft rapidly approaching!!!

    Who did say the Packers are going to be a dynasty? Sheesh. I think they're going to be a very good team for quite some time if Rodgers stays healthy, but counting on Super Bowls is crazy. Though they did kick the crap out of the Steelers in the last one. Kevin
  13. Esox

    NFL draft rapidly approaching!!!

    Who's being arrogant? I agree the Packers can't rest on their laurels, and I think it's clear Thompson will always be looking to improve the team. But if Rodgers stays upright they are going to be very, very hard to beat. He destroyed the Steelers in the Super Bowl. Kevin
  14. Esox

    NFL draft rapidly approaching!!!

    The Packers did not pay Bishop in order to pay Barnett, too. While a guy that certainly made a lot of tackles, Barnett was not a play maker. Bishop blows guys up. Doesn't mean they won't look to add some LB depth in the draft, and they need too, but I would be very surprised if they paid/kept...
  15. Esox

    I'm now "tied in"

    I've been a member one place or another for about 12 years. Can't imagine not being one. Kevin
  16. Esox

    This is what I live for....

    Good story, Rory. Junior golf rocks. Glad to hear you're helping this young lady out. Kevin
  17. Esox

    NFL draft rapidly approaching!!!

    That's the beauty of the Packers. They have built the team they have almost exclusively through the draft. They picked up Woodson as a medium price free agent and Pickett as low to medium free agent. Other than that, it's all drafted players, undrafted free agents, a guys other team cast off...
  18. Esox

    NFL draft rapidly approaching!!!

    Packers need help/depth at OT. Clifton won't play too much longer. They need a kick returner and another wideout as Driver is showing some age, bless his heart. Xamilo. Never too late to abandon those flatland losers and became a real football fan by backing the Packers. We'll take you...
  19. Esox

    Did you guys see this?!??!?!

    Most guys today are robots. Same swing, same look in their eyes. Very few have good hair. I agree Palmer no doubt had, hell, has, more charisma than today's entire tour put together. And Tiger when he was winning may have excited some with that dumb ass fist pump, but in an interview he...
  20. Esox

    Hello gents, I have returned...

    Sounds like you'll have to give me a couple more shots when we play the 1st International ShotTalk Lefty Championship. Kevin