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  1. SplooGe

    And so it begins

  2. SplooGe

    Perfect weather....

    ....for golf is not today.
  3. SplooGe

    Gorilla Golf

    So I received this text from one of my golf buddies.
  4. SplooGe

    Local restaurant

    Honors Rock.
  5. SplooGe

    Cooling down!!!

    May actually be able to get some afternoon golf in this week. Was 104 yesterday.
  6. SplooGe


    Not sure when this happened but it is going to make me less productive at work.
  7. SplooGe

    Madison, WI

    I may be making the trip to WI next week, is there anything going on that I should know about? I'm more than disappointed to miss this weekends festivities but it just doesn't work out.
  8. SplooGe

    FTI, Wishon, Vokey, GPS, random stuff.

    Gotta pay some bills so it is time to strip down the bag. Picked these up from SUX and stealling his description 1.) Wishon CX Micro wedges ; 51*, 56*, 60* ; FST Pro 115 S+ flex; 8.5/10 condition $30 per wedge, $75 as set ----- Wishon stuff is no joke. The 60* is VERY easy to hit high and...
  9. SplooGe

    Fantasy Football

    Any leagues this year? if no one has yet I'll get one started tomorrow.
  10. SplooGe

    Golf Buddy Pro GPS

    Golf Buddy Pro - $275 Shipped obo Got one of these for winning the long drive hole in a tourney and have no use for it as the SG5 was a gift from SWMBO and I would be castrated for replacing it. So it is new, unopened and this seems to be the going price on ebay. For those unfamiliar with it...
  11. SplooGe

    FT-i - Cobra Carbon CB's - Wedges - Scotty -

    FT-i - Cobra Carbon CB's - Wedges - Scotty - GPS Time to update this add, under contract for a house and need to move this stuff. Golf Buddy Pro GPS - $225 Drivers: Callaway Ft-i Tour N 9.5* Creation 65 - S - $150 Tourswing Renegade 10.5* - Silver Avenger - S - $60 Nike Ti 350 9.5* -...
  12. SplooGe

    Spider weights

    I'm just curious if this weightkit is compatible with the TM Spider putters http://www.myostrichgolf.com/clubmakers/product_info.php?cPath=135_163&products_id=1088 Thanks Kevin
  13. SplooGe

    Cell Phones

    I was curious if anyone has experience with refurbished phones. I'm looking at picking up a new phone/pda for work and want something with GPS, the Iphone is out as i need insurance. I'd like to pick up a Blackerry Bold and the refurbs are going for 150 while the new are 300. So basically is it...
  14. SplooGe

    Looking for a <400cc Driver

    So a couple of years back the GF bought me some Burberry HC's but the #1 HC was to small for any of the drivers I've had and has never been used. So I guess I'm looking for something that I could put together that is around 375cc. I've had my eye on the J33P but anyone have any other...
  15. SplooGe

    So I did the math and

    I have approximately 41.3 more days until we are done with this years crop. With 1 day off for Thanksgiving and 1 day off for Christmas that put me at the 30th of December before I can play golf. On a side note I will actually be actually be able to play during winter so I guess I don't have...
  16. SplooGe

    New Secretary

    So the office manager is sick and we had to call in a temp, she's kinda cute. Names Penny and snagged a few pics.
  17. SplooGe

    Early thoughts...

    on some new toys. Managed to get half a day off yesterday and played in a scramble with some of the guys from work and got to test out some of my cabin fever purchases so I thought I'd give some short reviews. Geek DCT 9*/Accuflex Creation 65S: I had this put together Weds and took it...
  18. SplooGe

    Hey Doc, help my beagle.

    Hey doc, my beagle has a weird skin thing going on, 2 red circles on 1 ear and 1 on the belly. I thought it was ringworm but my parents both seemed to think mites. Is there a treatment that would cover both? Any advice would be appreciated.
  19. SplooGe


    So I bought into the hype and found a TEE 4wood. The seller never gets the alert from Paypal showing he received funds so it took 2 weeks to get it shipped. It finally arrives so I open it as soon and the UPS driver opens it, he is an near scratch golfer and waited to checkout the new toy. I...