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  1. Old Chuckie T

    Why 14 clubs??

    I'm not exactly sure how fewer clubs would be more fun or easier. I'm not arguing that it wouldn't. I just don't intuitively understand why it might be. Since cart bag manufacturers have flaunted the fourteen club rule with many fifteen slot bags-- fourteen individual full length dividers PLUS...
  2. Old Chuckie T

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    Abysmal weekend. Pats and Bucks both lost. Games weren't even competitive.
  3. Old Chuckie T

    TopFlite D2+ Distance ball

    I played the original, 336 dimple Spalding Top Flite (not the XL) from when it was introduced until it went out of production. I had a tough time clubbing myself with wound balls back when they were made, and the "Rock Flite," as it was often called, was nothing if not consistent. Haven't...
  4. Old Chuckie T

    Why 14 clubs??

    I usually have to break up my iron set to add a second fairway wood. Thus, it appears 14 isn't enough. 15 would be perfect for me.
  5. Old Chuckie T

    Why 14 clubs??

    Modern lofts make it hard to configure a classic set composition in only fourteen clubs. If the 9-iron is stronger than 42º, it's hard to go with only three wedges.
  6. Old Chuckie T

    Signature problem

    I'm not seeing other posters' signstures
  7. Old Chuckie T

    Why 14 clubs??

    Fewer than 14 clubs? How do you get down to 14?
  8. Old Chuckie T

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    To put matters in perspective, the tickets were seven dollars each!
  9. Old Chuckie T

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    Reminded me of a December 1966 Patriots-Bills game at Fenway Park. Pats won 14-3 and were in great shape to get to Super Bowl I, eventually played between Chiefs and Packers. But they were upset in Shea Stadium the following week by Joe Namath and the Jets. We nearly froze that day as it was...
  10. Old Chuckie T

    Underdogs of Golf (clubs)

    The arrow is the ball. The club is the bow. And unless one wishes to be renamed after a bridge ornament in Cleveland, perhaps the player should now be "the archer."
  11. Old Chuckie T

    2019-2020 NFL Season

    They're actually playing a Super Bowl game today without my Patriots being involved. I understand that it's going to be official and count in the records and everything. Hard to imagine. To what little extent that I care about a no-Patriots game, I hope the Chiefs win because they're an...
  12. Old Chuckie T

    Y'all are boring today

    Sorry. I'm probably boring every day. But my dog likes me a lot.
  13. Old Chuckie T

    Why do I play golf?

    Back in the days before recorded history and the entire world was in black and white, I started high school and wanted to participate in sports. I had enjoyed early youth sports like Little League, and thought I'd give high school sports a go if I were good enough to make a team. I quickly...
  14. Old Chuckie T

    This should infuriate the grinders on tour

    Real golf professionals give lessons and sell you a sleeve of Pro V1s over the counter. If one chooses to be a professional golfer instead of a full-fledged golf professional, win something big. Then you'll get sponsor invites. Otherwise, I would think that you're on you're own.
  15. Old Chuckie T

    Long course strategy

    Those photos are beautiful. My long course strategy is to not play anything much longer than 6000 yards. It works out pretty well.
  16. Old Chuckie T

    Bad Fan Behavior

    Men used to wear suits on their own time because then, most had the kind of jobs where you wore work clothes and showered after work. Then a greater percentage of us had office jobs and had to wear a suit at work. We didn't want to wear one on our own time when we had to wear one at work...
  17. Old Chuckie T

    Bad Fan Behavior

    I'm a dinosaur. You suitless guys have convinced me. As I said before, best not to think about it. Same with the bad gallery behavior. It's all connected, I think.
  18. Old Chuckie T

    Ogio vs Sun Mountain - which one?

    My best bag, quality wise, is probably my Belding Bushwhacker, but the pockets aren't oriented for cart use, and I've gotten used to that and the individual club slots. I've got a Sun Mountain C130 and my most frequent playing partner has a comparable Ogio model (Grom or something like that)...
  19. Old Chuckie T

    My Comeback Bag

    Thanks. Full shots aren't hurting, but I'm a little hesitant about bending over putts.
  20. Old Chuckie T

    Bad Fan Behavior

    Evolution is failing us. The more refined species that's meant to replace us is late in coming. People have no standards for their own deportment or expectations for anybody else's. Class no longer exists. People call near strangers by their first names. Civility is a historic concept, now. I...