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  1. Dave Ireland

    I'm not complaining but ..

    the figures shouldn't add up, but they do. The internet makes work for idle hands, 2 weeks ago, during some downdown I snagged a used 10.5* Geek DCT shoed with a 46 inch untipped UL540 REGULAR Shaft. OK sez I, first thing to do is take it into Mr Clubmaker and have her tipped an inch before we...
  2. Dave Ireland

    Fighting fire with fire

    .... so myself and her indoors reached an uneasy peace at the turn of the year. The credit cards were to remain virginal no spurious buys, no fun. So we had our daily phone call today .. "guess what" . "what" ... "I bought a 5 seater corner unit sofa" .....:bang: .. tuned out .. tuned back in...
  3. Dave Ireland

    Best player never to win a Major ?

    Well with another year of majors behind us, and just one new addition to the hall of winners Mr. Immelman, it's seems like an opportune time to ask who out there is the best player not to have won yet. In actual fact I'd break it out into 2 separate questions - the best player not to have won...
  4. Dave Ireland

    Euro Tour - The Russian Open

    I have the desktop scoring open on my eh .. desktop. I'll stand corrected but I'm unaware of any Russian golf professionals on Euro Tour, the consequence being that a number of other Russian sportsmen have been invited to play this week - I remember Ivan Lendl & Nigel Mansell taking an...
  5. Dave Ireland

    Looking bad for Harrington

    ... he seemingly injured his wrist will practicing @ home last Saturday ... hitting his driver into an impact bag wtf ? ..... anyways his Tigeresque injury has him trotting out the line... that if it wasn't the Open he wouldn't be playing.... he managed the front 9 yesterday in practice round...
  6. Dave Ireland

    Scottish Open @ Loch Lomond

    A slow Friday afternoon has me looking thru the scoring on the officail website. Notables so far - Ross Fisher is keeping his good run going. Damien McGrane is flying the flag for us Irish and Phil Mickelson returned a 67 today afte a level par 71 yesterday - highlight being a hole in one @ #5
  7. Dave Ireland

    Graman UL780 ?

    I've seen plenty written on the other limey shafts, just wondering if anyone is enjoying success with the latest high end offering ?
  8. Dave Ireland

    Decisions Decisions ....

    The countdown continues to 19th April and our quest to retain the Emerald Challenge Cup against our American counterparts in SW Florida. A veritable golf fest with 2 official practice rounds on the Sun/Monday and 3 Championship rounds Wed/Thurs/Fri. Which leaves the Tuesday as a free day .. or...
  9. Dave Ireland

    Travel Advice Please

    Hey guys could you take a minute to offer some suggestions to me. We are booked and confirmed to play in Fort Myers, Florida next April in the Emerald Challenge Cup a 60 two man team event between Ireland and USA. A 5 day golf fest, 2 practice and 3 tourney rounds. We have to make our own way...
  10. Dave Ireland

    Florida Bound !!

    Hey Guys, I've just completed negotiations with SWMBO and full travel permission has been granted to take up a trip next April to Southwest Florida to take part in The Emerald Challenge. 30 teams from Ireland and America go head to head in a fourball best ball 54 hole tourney. Travel itinerary...
  11. Dave Ireland

    Volvo Masters Valderama (maybe spoilers)

    So the end of season tourney hits the treacherous Valderama Golf Course, where according to commentators the green aprons are running at 11 - 12 on the stimp. The top 60 players from the Euro Tour face off in a prize money awash event to determine Europe's winner of the order of merit...
  12. Dave Ireland

    How hazardous is your course ?

    Well another golf year has passed, and I sit at 8.1 having been cut .6 for last Sunday's victory. Anyway I start looking thru all my returned scores for the year and start thinking of what could've been. Rule 19.8 compares I think to ESC stateside whereby your score is adjusted in cases of...
  13. Dave Ireland

    Hacienda del Alamo Murcia Spain

    Just clearing out some photos from this year's trips. This is the Dave Thomas designed course in Murcia, Spain. Any officienados of The Golf Channel UK, will recognise the name as the main sponsor of primetime golf here. We arrived over from wet and windy Ireland to eh .. wet and windy Spain...
  14. Dave Ireland

    Oh What Have I Done !!!!

    So I step up on the tee last Sunday in the Sept Monthly Medal and lo and behold 18 holes later I walk off in 76 with an 8 on the card. So up I go last night to check the results and yers truly wins the best gross ... chuffed to bits. Then I go check the h/c adjustment and I've been sliced 1.6...
  15. Dave Ireland

    Crisis of conscience ...

    Background info ... - case 1. after 9 hours drinkin and 5 hours sleep I shot 78 in Carnoustie ..case 2. rolled home at 3 in the morning went out the following day and shot 79 including a 10 to lose scratch cup by 1 shot case 3. a keg of guinness and 4 hours sleep went out and shot 75in The Ring...
  16. Dave Ireland

    Oh I AM a jammy dodger !

    One of the guys that plays in the weekend fourball rings me today with an all fees paid jolly to the PGA National here tomorrow .... Palmerstown House – PGA® National Ireland Golf Course ... well I sorta forced his hand ... "I'd love ta but it's a bit steep price wise" was my opening gambit...
  17. Dave Ireland

    IG & FiL come south

    Just doing a quick tidy up and I forgot about these pics frm IG's last visit down south to Headfort & my place. Pics were taken on the Thursday of Ryder Cup week
  18. Dave Ireland

    Urgent help

    Guys can you help me here - I've been rightly stiffed. Played in Captain's Day on Saturday in the last group - the long drive competition was held on a dog leg hole. The leading drive was straight up the fairway to the corner of the dogleg and lay at the farthest point of the fairway just...
  19. Dave Ireland

    Heather Clarke R.I.P

    It has been announced that Heather has passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning after her long fight with breast cancer, she was 39. She leaves Darren 38 on Monday and her 2 sons Conor and Tyrone. Paul McGinley has announced his withdrawal from the USPGA to attend his friends...
  20. Dave Ireland


    A spurious post to get my total off the dreaded 666 ... It takes a golf forum for me to rediscover my religion :D