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  1. zaphod

    Zaphod Goes OLD SCHOOL

    Took my new (old) clubs out for their first round today. Shot an 40. 5 bogeys, 3 pars and a :beach3: birdie. These hickory shafted clubs are kinda fun to play with. All put together via ebay. Requires a smooth swing. The more you force em the more they go off line. Feels somewhere between a...
  2. zaphod

    Potato planting

    Potato planting and irrigation systems Hey--I've got some time so I thought I would throw up some pics of my farming operations. As the season goes on I will try to document what type of tasks we are currently doing. If you want further detail I can always try to take more pics of a...
  3. zaphod

    playing with hickory shafted clubs???

    I been in a rut the last few years. I played in a scramble last year. The low team was composed of the officers of Hickorygolf.com. Played at The Castle course at Northern Bay. A howling wind with 40+ mph gust yet one of the winning team ACED the 10th hole. The 10th hole is a replica of the 17th...
  4. zaphod

    The Onion's NFL scouting report

    Onion Sports 2010 NFL Team-By-Team Guide love the vikings report!!!:beach3:
  5. zaphod

    First Eagle putt this season

    Yeah, It was sweet. Sssmokin and I paired up for a replica course round. The 11th hole (Northern Bay in Wisconsin) is a replica of the par 5 13th at Augusta. Yep, the same hole Phil eagles from behind the pines. I hit a drive past the dogleg into the hillside. Now I've got 215 to the...
  6. zaphod

    WTB/WTT---Eidolon or Lockhart wedges

    Looking for Eidolon or Reid Lockhart wedges--Dual or quad. Trade or $ is ok. Just heads fine 2. 52,56,60 degree. let me know
  7. zaphod

    two planers----post your swing keys

    5 days ago I had an awful range session. Then I skimmed Jim Hardy's book again. Range session yesterday was awesome. Clean crisp shots. Got my distance back. 150 yard 8 irons. High penetrating shot with a tad of a draw. My keys: Set up Tall narrow stance Head is an extension of the spine...
  8. zaphod

    Iron Man 2

    Has any seen this flick. Just wondering
  9. zaphod

    Kick Ass

    Anyone else see this movie. A Comic super hero movie with a different plot. I enjoyed. And you????:cool:
  10. zaphod

    looking for a schling (spelled right??) ogio bad

    looking for a schling (spelled right??) ogio bag Curious about the schling system Ogio bag ---now discontinued. Anyone have experience with one or know where one could be obtained???
  11. zaphod

    test run of some new (for me) clubs

    Scored a set of Titleist 690 cb irons. 2002 era I believe but nice looking clubs. I reshafted them with Aldila NV stiff graphites. Also obtained a set of wedges Reid Lockhart Quad Bounce 52*, 56*,60* for 2 Nike slingshot irons in a local trade. The irons are my new favs. I've got a high...
  12. zaphod

    The arrrggg thread issue resolved today!!!!

    first of all thanks for the responses. fixes included 1. reread my statement and realized I said last year I thought about draw and it worked. This year I was WORKING at creating a draw. Tension was killing the swing. 2. I reread one plane two plane swing theory. I'm a 2 planer this winter I...
  13. zaphod

    Arrgggggg The golf gods are cruel

    Last year I could draw the ball just thinking about it. Today I hit 150 pw shots. All high and either straight or a cut. I was trying to draw them and the closest thing I could get was a dead pull. What concerns be is a high cut pw may = a fade or slice as I step into longer irons and woods...
  14. zaphod

    Going for a road trip

    Have been getting cabin fever. It's been cold and snowy here in Wisconsin. So Alabama here we come. My wife and I are planning a road trip to the state of Alabama for aprrx 7 to 9 days. No particular plan in mind--except some golf:beach3:. Tuscaloosa and Auburn are possible. Love those smaller...
  15. zaphod

    Avatar movie

    ok ---since others have resisted I will break the ice. I went to see AVATAR 3d version and loved it. The plot is adequate and predictable. Think "Dances With Wolves". But I did not care!!!! The visuals were spectacular and the movie feels good. The audience applauded at the end. A adventure...
  16. zaphod

    yo sssmoin' and wbl--whatsupp with deer season

    I have not heard anything about the hunting trip. Any good stories?????:emot-angel:
  17. zaphod

    News Flash --Packer offensive line now fixed

    The Packer offensive line has been more than a SIEVE this year giving up 20 QB sacks in 4 games. A blocking sled would be more effective. Anyway they resigned Mark Tauscher (last year's right tackle and THE Packer right tackle for 9 years) to a one year contract. He is coming off an ACL...
  18. zaphod

    5.5 hours on range to HEAL my swing

    The last 2 weeks of June and the first 3 weeks of July were good golfing weeks. Nice draw with scores in the low 70s to high 70s. All fell apart then the last 2 weeks. WHY does these episodes of sucky golf seem to sneak into my game?????? Golf gods plagued me with huge pull hooks, duck hooks...
  19. zaphod

    ssmokin-WBL--Sand is your friend!!!!

    Yo Dudes, Played Arrowhead today and finished birdie/birdie. The first bird was the par 5 17th. 500 yards with bunkers protecting the front of the green. A good drive and 16* hybrid put me in the trap with about 12 yards to pin. Nice lie --fluffy sand and perhaps 6 yards of green to work with...
  20. zaphod

    Nice round today

    It's been about a weeks since I picked up clubs.I went to my local 9 holer and had a good round. Short game was on. 12 putts!!!! I've been concentrating on a "balanced", "on plane" swing. The result is a nice little draw as standard shot. Used a R5 TP 10.5 with a UST V2 shaft. today. Nice...