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  1. Esox

    Affordable High Launch Shafts

    I've never been much on changing shafts in clubs, and for myself have usually played whatever is stock. I bought my daughter a used 10.5 TEE XCG at a golf show and it has an R flex Graphite Design Tour AD shaft in it. While she makes sold contact, she was having trouble getting it up in the...
  2. Esox

    Hey Cheeseheads

    Did you see the The Bull has been foreclosed on? They also owe a bundle in back taxes. You guys obviously didn't have enough ShotTalk outings there. Supposed to host the 2014 State Open. Kevin
  3. Esox


    Who likes to play golf? I know I do. Life without golf would be like a world without hamburgers. Both would suck. Kevin
  4. Esox


    I caught some of the Trump show on TGC. He really needs to get over himself. He fancies himself a course architect. Apparently, he can build a course next to Pine Valley, and because he built it and he knows what "people like", it is better than Pine Valley. I wonder if he could get...
  5. Esox

    TEE XCG 3W

    I need a 3W that's easy to hit. I bought my daughter a couple TEE hybrids on the cheap and they are beautiful. TGW is selling these for $169.99. I haven't checked other sites for prices but I will. Anybody hit one of these? What's the Graphite Design X-Quad shaft like? Tour Edge Mens...
  6. Esox

    TEE CB2 Hybrid

    Anyone ever hit one of these. TGW has a new ladies 25* for $70. Thinking about picking it up for my daughter. Perfectly replaces her 5i. For twelve she's kind of a PITA because she wants to hit everything fifty times before she says she likes it. No TEE lady hybrids around here for her to...
  7. Esox


    I was listening to the Milwaukee sports talk radio today, and they were talking about Twin Lakes Country Club somewhere down your way. Apparently they are offering a limited number of memberships good from now until the end of 2011 for about $350-$400 total for seven day memberships, and like...
  8. Esox

    Callaway Pre-owned

    I was never a Callaway guy until I read so many positive things about the FT-i here and ordered my LCG Tour with the Matrix X-Con 6 through Callaway Pre-owned. It was classified as like new and looked like it had never been hit. It came in two working days. Earlier this year, I bought my 12...
  9. Esox


    I hit my second shot into the green side bunker today on the 10th hole. The ball buried about 8" from the lip. Maybe 20% of the ball showing. I closed the face on my 58* Vokey and swung down as hard as I could. CLACK! The ball got just out of the bunker, but I dug so deep I found a rock...
  10. Esox

    Solheim Cup

    I'm watching and working, not that I have much work to do. I like the ladies. Kevin
  11. Esox

    Daughter has first 18 hole tourney tomorrow

    My Daughter tees it up tomorrow in a State PGA Jr. Tour event tomorrow at 8:00. first time she's walking a full eighteen on a full size course. She's playing at about 5,300 yards at Whispering Springs, a real nice golf course in Fond du Lac, WI. Nice tree lined fairways, medium fast smooth...
  12. Esox

    Simple bunker shot

    I was watching the PGA today for a few minutes, and Paddy Harrington hit his second shot on the 640 yard 15th hole out of a bunker and on to the green. From 301 yards. Kevin
  13. Esox

    Shark Week

    These people that surf in Great White waters are wacko. Actually swimming in the ocean anywhere has always seemed rather unnecessary to me. You can't be a sitting with your back to the wall kind of guy when you have 100' of dark ocean under you. I also find the bull shark's ability to hang...
  14. Esox

    Cool article

    Kind of a cool story in today's Milwaukee fish wrap. I like this kind of stuff, and wish I knew an old guy like this. I'm sure he'd take my money. Taking a swing back in time - JSOnline Kevin
  15. Esox

    My Baby Broke 100!

    My 12 year old daughter shot 49-50 today to break 100 for the first time. Our home course is 5,150 +- from the front tees. Lots of elevation changes. Firm greens that are medium fast. Though she's been having some putting nightmares she got around today in 38 putts. She was a tad cranky...
  16. Esox

    Mama brings home the bacon

    Actually the brats. My Wife had that hole in one a couple weeks ago. We haven't really talked to the pro much since, and yesterday we were hitting some balls at our course and he give her a form to fill out. She won 26 packages of Klements bratwurst. mmmmm....bratwurst. Kevin
  17. Esox

    Bright and Sunny in Cheeseland

    This is the kind of day it's grand to be in WI. Was just loading the car and swapping my a few clubs in my bag. Put in my Titty 3w and 7w, and took out the hybrids. The sun is shining brightly. It's about 68*, low humidity, and a modest breeze. Going up to a high of maybe 74*. Good day...
  18. Esox

    They're dropping all around me

    Saturday my Wife makes a hole-in-one. Today my Daughter played in a par three tournament in Milwaukee. We're standing around waiting for her tee time, and a boy about nine years old aces the 9th hole right in front of us. About 70 yards. Then we're waiting to tee off on the 5th hole and...
  19. Esox

    Played golf with an interesting guy today

    Left the Wife and Daughter home today and played 18 with my buddy. My Daughter had a birthday party to go to, and my Wife was too hungover after her hole in one yesterday. LOL. Not really, I just needed some yard work done, so she stayed home to spread some mulch. My friend and I got...
  20. Esox

    Mama Bear is ACES!

    Last week early on Friday morning I started a thread saying the family was headed out to the course and we were all going low. Papa Bear and Baby Bear did well, but Mama Bear really struggled. Massive frustration, as poorly as I've seen her play in years. Today Mama Bear flies out the gate...