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  1. bluebledthesea

    Met a freak today

    Good lord, not only should you have given him your number, but taken his as well.
  2. bluebledthesea

    Winn PCI Hybrids cutting up hands

    Wear two gloves! :D
  3. bluebledthesea

    Advice for a beginner choosing next iron set?

    Thanks for the help everyone. I got in touch with Callaway and they're going to ship me new clubs 2 day ground, even though they only had stiff shaft left in the same model. It's actually a good thing because the ones I got in were a little more flexy than I hoped for anyway and I was already...
  4. bluebledthesea

    Advice for a beginner choosing next iron set?

    I just wanted to put it out there that I'm still thinking about crying over this... :killersmiley: Or that...
  5. bluebledthesea

    Whats your favorite golf course?

    I haven't played a ton of courses, but I have a personal love for Roseland Park Golf Course in Woodstock, CT. It was built in 1896, over 100 years ago, and has a lot of history behind it. It was the first course my dad took me out on when I was just a kid, and I still go back there because it...
  6. bluebledthesea

    going to the Braves game tonigh

    Have fun dude! I was at the Sox/Yankees game Sunday night at Fenway. Not too often you can get tickets for that. Rain delay until 9pm and I didn't get to bed until 2am, but the Sox won and it was a blast!
  7. bluebledthesea

    My Daddy makes more than your Daddy

    And to think I was just searching for golf practice nets for my backyard when I stumbled on/revived this topic... :laugh: Eracer, where the f**k am I supposed to get shrimp netting?
  8. bluebledthesea

    who would play John Daly in a movie?

    I weighed just shy of 130 this morning. I don't think I could do it. :D
  9. bluebledthesea

    Need an affordable new/"like new" ball (2hc)

    He was probably thinking of "knickers," UK slang for women's underwear, or "knickerbockers," knee-length baggy trousers like the silly pants golfers used to wear. He's from Sweden, so the Knicks probably weren't his first thought. ;) (Go Celtics!)
  10. bluebledthesea

    who would play John Daly in a movie?

    I'm gonna go with Philip Seymour Hoffman.
  11. bluebledthesea

    Advice for a beginner choosing next iron set?

    Haha, I know, I'm trying to convince myself that all I can do is laugh too. Now that I've emailed their customer support, I'm completely at a loss with what to do with myself. I've been tracking these things for days on FedEx and now, bam! Nothing. Bummer is right...
  12. bluebledthesea

    Advice for a beginner choosing next iron set?

    UGH! Are you kidding me? My clubs finally arrived today after nearly a week of anticipation. I eagerly unwrapped them and I'll say this for Callaway Preowned, "Like New" meant absolutely brand spanking new, like club heads still wrapped in plastic and immaculate. BUT, when I pulled out the 9...
  13. bluebledthesea

    My Daddy makes more than your Daddy

    Thanks for saying it for me Eracer and MCDavis. My girlfriend is a music teacher and she is the most talented vocalist I have ever met. Not only does she pass her enthusiasm for music on to her students, but she also performs and gives private lessons, so "those who can't, teach," is absolutely...
  14. bluebledthesea

    My Daddy makes more than your Daddy

    I know this is an old topic, but wow... seriously?
  15. bluebledthesea

    Best turf for my own putting green?

    I know someone who built a really beautiful putting green in their backyard and they used a fake grass product, probably a lot like that SYNLawn stuff if not that. It's not carpet or that cheap green plastic stuff you put outside your mobile home. It's actually fake grass and you rake sand into...
  16. bluebledthesea

    Golfing in 30 minutes

    Alas, no. Fedex says they will arrive tomorrow. Sorry, we had too many beers on the 19th to post pics right now. :D
  17. bluebledthesea

    Golfing in 30 minutes

    Off to play my weekly Monday 9 for my league, my first round since joining Shot Talk. Wish me luck and hope all your advice didn't screw me up too bad! :D I'll post some pictures tonight: Raceway Golf Club, Thompson, CT
  18. bluebledthesea

    Female golfers called 'Park'

    Annyong! I went to school with a lot of South Koreans. The most popular names that I can remember were Park, Lee, Kim, Cho, Choi and Baek. I can't recall any beyond that, if there are any at all. :D
  19. bluebledthesea

    Using a variety of balls lately.

    I think a good part of it was a mental edge in that I really didn't want to be throwing money into the woods anymore. :D
  20. bluebledthesea

    Two Etiquette Questions

    We always remove our ball after we putt out. I don't know if this is etiquette or not, but it always seemed to be the thing to do unless everyone is taping in close to the hole.