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  1. Libre

    Meet Carson, my new caddie

    I started playing somewhere in the middle of the previous century. I’ve walked (and push/pulled) a hand cart all that time. Over all terrain- up hills, down steep embankments- pushing through knee deep rough. And once in awhile on the fairway too. But the push/pulling is really getting to me...
  2. Libre

    Do you practice?

    The pros practice more than they play, I'd expect. But do you practice? I don't mean a 15 minute warm up before the round. I mean hours of working on structured exercises and specific things. I've done so. I usually prefer to just go play, but I have spent significant time, practicing on...
  3. Libre

    Walking vs Riding

    For as long as I've been playing - going on 38 years or more - I've always enjoyed the walk. It's not really the walk itself - my playing style, pace, course management, AND my fitness really depend on walking. I've played rounds from carts - some courses require it as we all know. I like to...
  4. Libre

    Playing Alone

    Golf, in its essence, is a solo activity. Of course you CAN play with others, but the game itself is between the course and you. Nobody else is needed. No one is even allowed to interfere - which is rather rare in any kind of competitive sport. That's one of the things that I love about it...
  5. Libre

    JT drops F Bomb

    Justin Thomas had 4 putted and made some stinky shots, was dropping down the board yesterday, and finally after a poor chip he dropped the F bomb. It was very clear. The announcer - after being held speechless for a moment, merely apologized for “that audio”, another announcer said, “he’ll pay...
  6. Libre

    I've improved my game, watching Brooke Henderson

    I was watching Brooke Henderson win the CP Women's Open last week, and the announcer at one point commented how Brooke grips down on the club - there was a close up of her grip and sure enough. They said she just feels she has more control that way. So, I'm not very large in stature, to put it...
  7. Libre

    what do you hate the most?

    not necessarily in terms of scoring, but in terms of the feeling in your gut when you hit it?
  8. Libre

    I added 25-100 yards to my drive with 1 simple move!

    This is NOT an add. This is me, Libre, the old hacker. With 1 simple move, I added 25-100 yards to EVERY tee shot. And it’s ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to work for ANYONE! Wanna know the secret? Scroll down... . . . . . The Secret Move: I (finally) moved up to the gold (senior) tees. It’s a...
  9. Libre

    Rules, Rules, Rules

    The Rules are the most important part of golf. The Rules define what golf is, and if they change or become diluted, golf changes its character. How do you know we’re not supposed to hit basketballs with canoe paddles into the water hazards, but instead, we hit golf balls at the holes with the...
  10. Libre

    Mulligan anyone?

    What if the guy you usually play with - your golf buddy - whom you sincerely like (except for the following) - normally takes at least 2 or more mullies per round? Not only that, he brushes away putts of 2 feet. And he nudges his ball around all over the course. A few inches to a few yards...
  11. Libre


    Not based on overall achievement, or any single stat. Just - their measure of sustained dominance. Authority. Composure on the course. Impact on the game. And the world. In the golf Hall of Fame in my mind, here is my list: 1. Tiger 2. Jack 3. Arnie 4. Ben Hogan 5. Seve B 6. Greg Norman 7...
  12. Libre

    Golf's Most Dreaded Shot

    I've been playing most of my life. And not very skillfully I'll admit, but there is one thing I'm very particular about, and that is, how one finishes a hole. A lot of the time, my playing partner or a member of the foursome - or pretty much everyone I've played with - they get the ball close...
  13. Libre

    My golfing buddies: my Better Judgement and the Grim Reaper

    Left or right my child? I was thinking left, but my better judgement was thinking right, all the way. You see I was playing a round of golf on the Bethpage Red course, in a threesome. It was me, my BetteNudgement, and The Grim Reaper. It was Grimmy that had posed the question, left or right? I...
  14. Libre

    Golf praise subroutine

    I was paired with an Asian couple on Saturday. They were both pretty good - but she was so consistent - hitting the ball straight and solid on every shot. I kept having to say "nice shot" every swing. It was getting monotonous doing that, So along about the 12th hole, I said to the man, I've...
  15. Libre

    The Witching Pedge

    The Witching Pedge by Marc Friedlander Bethpage State Park Yellow Course, 14th Tee When I first started golfing, the best drivers were made of persimmon, the longest hitting pros drove the ball an average of 275 yards, golf shoes had pointy metal spikes, and the leading player on tour was...
  16. Libre

    Read this and be GREEEN with envy

    Tee Time: Tomorrow (Monday April 13, 2009), 10:51 a.m. Course: The BETHPAGE BLACK Where else can a schmo like me play a US Open course? I'll be happy to break 120 but I'll be on the same course that Phil and Tiger will be playing in June.
  17. Libre

    Practice pays (sometimes)

    I was at the range before my round and someone had left a whole buch o' balls plus I had the bucket I had bought and I had plenty of time so I got inventive. I started hitting shots with my 5 iron for all different distances and trajectories. I spent a lot of time trying to hit a target green...
  18. Libre

    Best Round this Season

    Today at the Bethpage Red course. This one is the second toughest of the 5 Bethpage courses, with only the Black being harder. From the whites, it's course rating/slope = 71.5/126, 6555 yards par 70. Anyway, I came in with a 101. A little disappointing, as I really felt like I shot about a...
  19. Libre

    Bethpage State Park

    The golfing MECCA in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York Black #1; Blue #1 at twilight; Red #1 misty morning; Yellow#14 Bethpage deserves its reputation. 5 courses, and every hole on each of the 5 courses has character and definition. Every hole is memorable. $35 for NYS residents - $40 with a...
  20. Libre

    Marine Park

    A lovely links type course in Brooklyn. My favorite place to play, after Bethpage State Park.