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  1. bluebledthesea

    Golfing in 30 minutes

    Off to play my weekly Monday 9 for my league, my first round since joining Shot Talk. Wish me luck and hope all your advice didn't screw me up too bad! :D I'll post some pictures tonight: Raceway Golf Club, Thompson, CT
  2. bluebledthesea

    Looking To Buy 3W

    If you've got something decent collecting dust and just want to unload it, let me know what you've got! Me = Get a nice 3W for cheap You = Clean out your closet and make the wife happy Looking for something under $100 shipped. :p
  3. bluebledthesea

    What got you interested in golf? A woman's perspective?

    A few years ago when I started playing, I took my girlfriend out to the course to see if it would spark some sort of interest in her. I was hoping maybe she'd get into it and we'd have something we could do together for fun. She took some tips from her dad, we went over how to swing correctly...
  4. bluebledthesea

    Are we allowed to...

    ...go into the wimmin's forum? I hear they've got sweet couches in there, and everything smells like potpourri.
  5. bluebledthesea

    My Putting Stance

    So I've never been all that great at putting, my main problem not being able to correctly correlate the distance to the hole with the strength of my swing. I also have a hell of a time determining if the face of my putter is lined up with where I want to hit the ball. Usually I stand fairly...
  6. bluebledthesea

    How much should I pay for Cameron?

    I'm looking at a Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2 on eBay, my first Cameron! I know what I'm willing to spend, but what is a realistic amount? Used but looks to be in great condition, 35" and comes with head cover, original grip and pivot tool. Add $20 for insured shipping. Thanks!
  7. bluebledthesea


    Hey everyone, I joined yesterday and made a post in the equipment forum, but figured I'd drop a message here as well. I'm from Connecticut and I've been playing for 3 or 4 years. According to my weekly league I've got a 16 handicap, so I can't say I'm any good, but I'm working on it! Let's see...
  8. bluebledthesea

    Advice for a beginner choosing next iron set?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. I've played about 30 rounds a year for the past 3 or 4 years and shoot around a 50 for 9 holes, so I'm a beginner and can't say I'm any good. I started out with a hodgepodge of clubs donated to me by various people, then two years ago I decided to buy a "real"...