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  1. trumb1mj

    Pulling Graphite Shafts from Irons

    I own this puller: GOLF SHAFT PULLER EXTRACTOR FOR STEEL & GRAPHITE SHAFTS Works great. If you're going to pull the heads without a puller, you have to be prepared to destroy the shafts in the process. If you're not going to save the shafts, I don't know why you'd go through the trouble of...
  2. trumb1mj

    Mizuno iron questions

    Of those, for me, the JPX-850 forged were the easiest to hit and most consistent. But I'll guess your G5s.
  3. trumb1mj

    Mizuno iron questions

    I just picked up a set of MP53 heads for $95 on ebay that I plan on migrating to from the MP57s this winter. It's really crazy how cheap you can get some great irons for as long as you're not obsessed with bag chatter marks.
  4. trumb1mj

    Looking for a partner/ coach

    This is awesome! It's a dream of mine to get down to a 1.4 and play a qualifier. One thing that took my ball striking to another level was building a hitting bay in my back yard. I jumped from the 6s to low 3s this year and I think a big part of this was having the ability to hit balls every...
  5. trumb1mj

    Mizuno iron questions

    I've been playing the MP line of mizunos for a while but I'd definitely give the 850 forged a look. MP64s, MP57s and MP53s are all awesome irons as well.
  6. trumb1mj

    Grip tape that activates with soapy water?

    I've used water activated grip tape several times and it sounds to me like maybe you misinterpreted how to install..? One side is sticky like tape and that goes on the shaft (or build up tape). Once on, you spray the tape with soapy water and slide your grip on. If this is how you installed...
  7. trumb1mj

    Mizzie Envy

    Definitely try the RTX 2.0s. Was really surprised how good these were.
  8. trumb1mj

    Lee Westwood back to his G10 driver

    With all things being equal (shaft length, center contact, club head speed, etc.), maxed COR really makes a difference when it comes to ball speed. Ball speed == More distance
  9. trumb1mj

    Lee Westwood back to his G10 driver

    Lee Westwood has a ton of clubhead speed and can hit it on the screws 85/100 times or something crazy. He probably really doesn't need the extra distance or forgiveness that modern (post max COR) drivers offer. I'm not sure what year COR was maxed out but I wouldn't game anything with less...
  10. trumb1mj

    Golf swing analysis

    I do a ton of video and I find it's easier for my untrained eye to evaluate things from directly behind and caddie side (perpendicular to your chest). Also, slowing it down from these views will give you more information about your release and posture at impact.
  11. trumb1mj

    Three wood question

    Check this out: Trajectory optimizer
  12. trumb1mj

    Patrick Reid outburst in China

    Every pro golfer gets down on himself at some point and receives a bit of backlash for it (see Tiger and Bubba). If Patrick Reed had called himself an effin moron and walked off the green, no one would be talking about this. But he used a tasteless slur and deserves the heat he's receiving. I...
  13. trumb1mj

    WTB Hybrid

    In my experience this is a really important factor in purchasing/building the right hybrid. A swing that is really steep will have more consistent results with a deeper face but a shallower AoA could benefit from a thinner face. I guess I could suggest a hybrid that works for me and hope I...
  14. trumb1mj

    WTB Hybrid

    Are you a sweeper or digger? Hit it high or low?
  15. trumb1mj

    PGA.com: 'An Open Letter From Tom Watson'

    This really sucks. Tom Watson is my all time favorite golfer and now his legacy is tarnished because of an untimely Ryder Cup Captaincy...
  16. trumb1mj


    I might try and find a golf shop that has a mizuno/titleist cart. Try several different shafts with the same head. It's crazy how much of a difference the right shaft can make.
  17. trumb1mj

    Who ate all the pies?

    I think the away team sets the matchup a in singles..? Not sure on that though.
  18. trumb1mj

    eBay Transaction advice please...

    Looks like he definitely abused the club. Sucks you ran into a crappy buyer on ebay... I know it's sorta giving in but you might be best served just refunding this dumb ass.
  19. trumb1mj

    gps range finders

    And I would never try and persuade you in a different direction. It works great for you
  20. trumb1mj

    gps range finders

    I guess that's why when I added my 2 cents you argued with me (and anyone else that didn't agree with you)? All I'm saying is, one measures distance to the flag, bunker, tree, etc and another measures distance to pre-marked points (front/middle/back of green, edges bunkers/water, etc.). As...